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Module Code: LEED 2131

Aimed at: Level 2 & 3 Students
Module Credits: 10
Teaching Period:  Semester 1

Module Summary

The development of practical leadership skills is vital in the world of graduate employability.

This module will provide students with a range of opportunities to test their leadership credentials in a practical setting.

Students will practically apply and assess their leadership skill and learn how effective leaders operate.

Students will analyse and critically reflect upon their skill base and action plan as to how they may improve upon identified skills.

Module Content

The module aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of leadership through theoretical learning and practical leadership experience.

The module will focus on a range of leadership research and how that is applied in real life settings. This students will;

  • Study a range of leadership theories
  • Reflect on their skill base and how they work in teams
  • Develop their reflective practice and understand what effective leadership looks like
  • Apply their leadership skills in a range of different settings and environments including a field trip


This module is assessed in two parts;

  • Personal Presentation – 50%
  • Individual Project Report – 50%