Coach Education
Supporting the Injured Athlete
Module Code:
LEED 1201
Aimed at: Level 1 & 2 Students
Module Credits: 10
Teaching Period: Semester 1 & Semester 2 (Running Twice)

Module Summary

This module will give you the opportunity to develop a foundational understanding of sports rehabilitation and the roles of both a physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach in returning an athlete to competition following an injury. 

You will develop your knowledge of the rehabilitation process from the onset of injury through to return to competition. You will be tested on your understanding of a specific sports injury and your ability to provide evidence-based recommendations for an athletes return to competition. 

This Module Will Cover:

  • Identifying sports injuries and diagnostic tests.
  • Develop knowledge of acute and sub-acute treatments of sport injuries.
  • Understand evidence based treatments for sport injuries.
  • Understanding and assessing functional movement.
  • Restoring mobility, stability and function to an injured athlete.
  • Creating an evidence-based training plan to enable return to play


This module is assessed in two parts:

  • 1500 word case study (40%) – Scenario-based case study covering the acute and sub-acute stages of treatment for a specific sports injury. Through this assessment students will need to engage with literature to provide evidence to support their plans.
  • Training Plan (60%) – Scenario-based training plan covering the late stages of the rehabilitation process from a sports injury. The plan can be provided in a table or other appropriate format (not included in word limit) with the supporting 1500 words of text giving the evidence to support the basis for this plan.

Module Delivery:

The teaching on this module will follow a hybrid approach with some practical demonstrations taking place in person. Most taught theoretical content will be delivered online through a series of learning units. There will be a range of interactive tasks and activities for students to complete before a live online seminar session where students will work collaboratively to discuss key concepts, all of which will be linked to either formative or summative assessments. This will include video materials, case study’s and examples of best practise from the field of sports rehabilitation. 

Additional Support:

Students will have a range of support and access points available to them through this module. 

  • Individual Tutorials 
  • Discussion Boards 
  • Formative Assessments 
  • Consultation Hours