Coach EducationModule Code: LEED 1201
Aimed at: Level 1 & 2 Students
Module Credits: 10
Teaching Period: Semester 1 & Semester 2 (Running Twice)

Module Summary

This is an opportunity to explore the principles of rehabilitation along with the key skills and attributes required to operate as a supporting specialist to performance sport.

This module will cover the foundation of supporting and rehabilitating the injured athlete.

A key component of the module is to experience practical techniques used for rehabilitation and practice in producing a plan for rehabilitation of an injured athlete. The module also provides a great insight into the practice of working as a strength and conditioning coach alongside a physiotherapist within performance sport support service.

This Module Will Cover:

  • Identifying sports injuries and diagnostic tests.
  • Develop knowledge of acute and sub-acute treatments of sport injuries.
  • Understand evidence based treatments for sport injuries.
  • Understanding and assessing functional movement.
  • Restoring mobility, stability and function to an injured athlete.
  • Creating an evidence-based training plan to enable return to play


This module is assessed in two parts:

  • 1500 word case study (40%) – Scenario-based case study covering the acute and sub-acute stages of treatment for a specific sports injury. Through this assessment students will need to engage with literature to provide evidence to support their plans.
  • Training Plan (60%) – Scenario-based training plan covering the late stages of the rehabilitation process from a sports injury. The plan can be provided in a table or other appropriate format (not included in word limit) with the supporting 1500 words of text giving the evidence to support the basis for this plan.