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Health & Wellbeing

19/07/21 – Facility Safety Measures Update
All current safety measures shall remain in place across all our facilities including The Edge, Sports Park Weetwood and Bodington Cycle Circuit. For further information please visit our reopening page.

Additionally, From Monday 26 July we shall be re-introducing Pay as You Go sessions for non-members. You will be required to book and pay for your slot in advance, which can be done either over the phone or alternatively at The Edge reception. We look forward to welcoming all our non-members back through our doors to train with us!

  • Health Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

The University of Leeds is committed to helping staff and students strive for a healthy lifestyle

Get Out Get Active

A range of brilliant activities to choose from with no commitment, low cost and the chance to meet new people while exploring Yorkshire and the UK!

Sports Massage

Incorporated into any sports person’s training plan whether injured or looking to maintain better physical condition.


Reflexology is a complementary health therapy. In today’s frantic environment it’s important to look after yourself and your wellbeing.

Tests that give an overview of your current general health, help to identify any key future health risks, and offer practical lifestyle advice.

Nutrition - Salmon, avocado and nuts

Find out useful information about the basics of health, nutrition, lifestyle, & food with recipe ideas for you to cook at home.

Leeds Yoga

This annual survey provides insight into the activity of University staff and students and identifies areas where more could be done to influence activity.

Wherever you are, let's do this together.

Healthy Week returns for 2021 to ‘bring colleagues together’ by encouraging us all to get out into nature. Like last year, there are lots of live classes and workshops and pre-recorded videos and blog content available for you.