Person lifting weightIntroduction to the Physical Activity and Exercise Industries

Module Code: LEED 1202
Aimed at: All students
Module Credits: 10
Teaching Period: Semester 2


Module Summary

Students will critically explore the UK physical activity (p.a.) and exercise industries. The module will explore current policies, strategies, and the challenges for professionalisation in p.a. and exercise. This will develop a deeper understanding of experiences of participation and critical skills through looking at this industry, its professional development, and the role it plays in government strategies. This module will provide an opportunity for understanding the professional sector students may seek employment in.

This Module Will Cover:

  • The historical development of the UK p.a. and exercise industry.
  • The contemporary structure and nature of the exercise professions and industry within the UK.
  • The nature of key p.a. and exercise organisations and their relation to UK government health agendas.
  • The current key challenges facing exercise professionals.
  • The emerging future challenges for the exercise professions and their professionals.


The module is assessed in two parts:

  • 1500 word essay on module learning
  • 15 min group presentation

Module Delivery

In person and on campus

Additional Support

Support will be available through materials on Minerva, peer support via collaborate and academic support through tutorials.