Helping others

Helping others helps to stimulate the reward centres in your brain is actually really great for your wellbeing. It must be true, there is no selfless good deed! But that’s not the point. If you are able to help anyone in need, through volunteering, offering to get some bits from the shops or taking their dog for a walkIt may be something as simple as listening to a friend as they talk to you about their worries, being there for others and being kind.

Pilates instructor helping

Keeping in touch

Staying connected is essential for your wellbeing. Feeling close to others is a fundamental human need and one you should be taking time out to do to stay on top of your wellbeing. It can really help to boost positivity when you’re not feeling so great. It can help to take your mind off your own life and encourage empathy and understanding for others.  

Why not try:  

  • Having a weekly catch up meeting with colleagues, just to see their faces and encourage routine. 
  • Having regular times and days that you speak to certain family and friends to keep the contact regular. 
  • If you’re at home with family or someone else, try and schedule in game time or chat time. 

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