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HIIT workout variations

Group class instructor Tori demonstrates three types of HIIT workout you can do from home. The benefits for HIIT is that is requires no equipment, little space and you can swap out different exercises to focus on what you want train.

1. Tabata

In a tabata style HIIT you work for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second rest. Tori recommends doing this for a total of four minutes alternating between two exercises.

Tori’s tabata:

  • Long jumps (20 seconds on, 10 seconds recovery)
  • Burpees (20 seconds on, 10 seconds recover)
  • Repeat four times


EMOM stands for every minute on the minute. In this HIIT type you complete a certain number of exercises per minute and then rest before going again on the next minute.

Tori’s EMOM:

  • 5 push ups /15 donkey kicks /30 air jacks
  • Repeat four times


AMPRAP is as many rounds as you can. You can do as many rounds as you choose but Tori has planned one with  four rounds.

Tori’s AMRAP:

  • First round is 90 seconds of work. Complete four rounds of: 6 lunge jumps (12 on each leg); 6 plank jacks; 6 squat jumps.
  • Second round is 45 seconds of work. Complete four rounds of: 3 lunge jumps (6 on each leg); 6 plank jacks; 6 squat jumps.

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Coronavirus (covid-19): update on sport facilities

coronavirus (covid-19) information

Check here for the latest updates on Sport and Physical Activity’s response to the coronavirus.

Important Coronavirus update – Facility closure

In line with advice regarding the Coronavirus (covid-19) from the relevant authorities, including the NHS and Public Health England, the University of Leeds has taken the difficult decision to fully close our Sport & Physical Activity facilities from 5 pm on Friday 20th March until further notice to protect the health and wellbeing of our customers and staff, which is our number one priority.

University of Leeds Sport & Physical Activity facilities include: The Edge, Cromer Terrace, Gryphon Sports Centre, Sports Park Weetwood, Bodington Playing Fields (including the Brownlee Centre), Boat House, and Selside Outdoor Centre.

We will continue to update all our customers, and we will re-open at the earliest possible opportunity. We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during this difficult period.

  • All Edge memberships fees/payments will be frozen until a time when facilities are accessible again.
  • You do not need to contact us to arrange freeze of payment, we will do this for you. Swim credits will carry over until re-opening. Block booking payments will not be taken during this time.

If in the meantime we can be of any assistance please do get in touch with us. For general enquiries, please email sport@leeds.ac.uk. If you have a membership-related enquiry please email edgemembershipservices@leeds.ac.uk.

Updates from the University of Leeds will continue to be published through coronavirus.leeds.ac.uk and our specific messages on sport.leeds.ac.uk.

We look forward to welcoming you back in the future.

With kind regards,
University of Leeds, Sport & Physical Activity Team

Row Britannia; Unite & Row for Mental Health!

Row Britannia Web Banner

Our challenge

Attention all University of Leeds students, staff and alumni! Row Britannia challenge you to row 2,020 miles by Saturday 6 June 2020 to support and raise awareness of mental health and raise £3,000 for Sports Relief.

Track our progress here:

Row Britannia mile

Why are we doing this?

Row Britannia is an inclusive, adaptive sporting challenge by The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) in support of mental health, fitness and wellbeing and is an opportunity for teams throughout the UK to raise vital funds and awareness. Funds raised will support Sport Relief and the British Inspiration Trust.

The Row Britannia Challenge for Sport Relief has the potential to involve every university and college student in the UK.  If every university and college enter a team and raises £3000, they could raise a total of £1.5million for Sport Relief.

We know mental health affects relationships and wellbeing, determines how students learn, and their productivity. Despite the surge in the numbers of students asking for support, it is likely that there are many others in clinical need who are not seeking treatment because of stigma or problems with access to care.

Two students walking down the corridor

How can you help?

We are kicking off our challenge on University Mental Health Day, Thursday 5 March, by hosting a #RowBritannia event to start clocking up our miles. You shall find us on the precinct (as long as yet another storm doesn’t sweep in) or in The Refectory from 8.30am – 3.00pm. We invite you all to participate by rowing as far as you can and making a pledge to help us reach our target.

We shall also be setting up the ergs (indoor rowing machines) on Friday 13 March in the same place to give you all another chance to get in your miles and donate, so don’t worry if you cannot make it to the first event.

We want you all to come together and be part of #RowBritannia. When you are next in the gym, why not row your mile, and let us know by tagging @Leeds_Sport on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter along with the hashtag #RowBrittania and #RowLeedsUni. We also ask you to donate as much or as little as you can to the campaign via our University Just Giving page below.

To raise further awareness and help the campaign to gather further momentum it would be fantastic if you could nominate a mate to row their mile too.

The University of Leeds is committed to supporting this initiative and all our staff and students with their health and wellbeing. Together we can make a difference.

Bring a guest to The Edge this Valentine’s Day!

Feel the love this weekend at The Edge.

Working out is better together, which is why this Valentine’s weekend we’re giving you the chance to train with a guest of your choosing.

Simply visit The Edge reception with your plus-one and sign them in for the day.

  • Offer is available from 14 – 16 February.
  • You must be an Edge member to sign in a guest.
  • Guests must be signed in at reception and will be entitled to 1 free day pass for the day.
  • This includes access to our 250 station Fitness Suite, our 8-lane, 25m swimming pool and the chance take part in one of over 220 exercise classes (subject to availability).
  • Members may sign in a maximum of 1 guest per-day.

For more information, contact The Edge membership team: 0113 343 7406 / edgemembership@leeds.ac.uk

We look forward to seeing you!

Complete our survey and you could win £50!

Your Gym Your Move

We want to be the best, and we can only do that with your feedback on how we can improve! If you have five minutes to spare, please complete our customer satisfaction survey giving feedback on your experience with Sport and Physical Activity, it would be greatly appreciated!

As a thank you, we will enter everyone who completes before February 29 into a prize draw to win prizes worth a total of £250! There will be 3 prizes of £50 and 4 prizes of £25.

Edge Member of the year (2019)

A huge congratulations to Arthur Briant, our first official Edge member of The Year (as voted by you)!

We have been amazed by the level of talent, thoughtfulness and determination showcased by our members throughout 2019 and are so proud of everyone’s accomplishments. We saw a variety of impressive feats ranging from epic dedication in training to charitable fundraising to general good nature and support between members.

All of our member of the month winners have been a true inspiration, however unfortunately there can only be one Member of 2019.

We offered you the chance to pick the one individual who stands out among the rest as a true L(EDGE)end.


Arthur Briant

Arthur Briant has shown impressive dedication to training and become an influential Edge member.

“There are very few members of the Edge gym who are unfamiliar with Arthur and his utmost dedication to training. You can rarely walk into the gym and not see him working hard and doing his best, which is a reflection of his admirable commitment and focus on his goals. On his Instagram page @arthurbriant, you can see the history of his transformation and exceptional achievements, including his latest personal best of 180kg bench press. Arthur has proven that all goals are achievable, regardless of the obstacles on the way, as long as you choose to be patient, hard-working and resilient.

Arthur’s main goal is to achieve exceptional strength and physique and to promote the benefits of natural bodybuilding over the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Despite being successful and focused on his goals, he is very humble and always ready to help others. He is often the first to enter the gym and the last to leave, and many would agree that The Edge fitness suite would not be the same without him!” – Georgia Tomova


Great job Arthur, 2019 truly was your year!


We look forward to seeing what 2020 has to bring.

Reach new heights in 2020!

If you’ve been looking for a new sport to challenge yourself in both body and mind, climbing is the perfect choice.

Climbing has a rich history at the University of Leeds which was in fact the birthplace of the indoor climbing wall!

At the Edge we’re offering a collection of fantastic sessions to help you learn the ropes and ascend ever higher.

For more information on our superb range of climbing sessions and facilities, please visit our climbing webpage.

You can gain both free entrance to our climbing facility and discounted rates on our climbing courses by signing up for any Edge membership.


And then why not take to the great outdoors by signing up to a Get Out, Get Active (GOGA) outdoor climbing trip and put your new found skills to the test.

  • GOGA offers indoor and outdoor climbing sessions which are appropriate for both entry level beginners and experienced climbers.
  • Outdoor sessions take place at the beautiful destination of Almscliff Crag and include both bouldering and climbing with ropes.
  • No long term commitment is required, you can attend as many or as few sessions as you’d like.

For more information on our Get Our Get Active programme visit the Get Out, Get Active (GOGA) webpage.


Please note, you must pass a belay test before you can be granted access to our climbing facilities.

Refresher sessions are available for those who have not climbed in a long time.

Member of The Year (Vote now!)

The Edge Gym Leeds graphics

Throughout 2019 we read some truly inspiring stories as our community of Edge members nominated each other for Member of the Month. As our membership team were taking stock of the last year and reading back through the nominations and winners of each month we thought it only right that we let you reflect on last year’s winners and give you the chance to pick a Member of the Year 2019!

Take a look through all of the winners below, starting in May when we launched our Member of the Month, then head to the bottom of the page to cast your vote. The winner will be announced next week!

Members of the Month 2019

  • Chloe Brooks
    May 2019: Chloe Brooks

    Chloe participated in the Marathon des Sables to raise money for Hope for Children.

    “After months of training at The Edge, I recently ran the famous Marathon des Sables to raise money for Hope for Children and finished 27th female overall. I hope this shows that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, as long as you put in the work and believe in yourself.” – Chloe.

  • Arthur Briant
    June 2019: Arthur Briant

    Nominated by: Georgia Tomova

    Arthur has shown impressive dedication to training and become an influential Edge member.

    “Arthur’s main goal is to achieve exceptional strength while promoting the benefits of natural bodybuilding over performance-enhancing drugs. There are very few members who are unfamiliar with Arthur and his dedication to training which is a reflection of his commitment and focus on his goals. Despite his success, he remains humble and willing to help others.” – Georgia

  • Faith Bonner
    July 2019: Faith Bonner

    Nominated by: Amy Reeder (Senior Swimming Instructor)

    Faith has demonstrated outstanding dedication and improvement in her swimming.

    “In the space of 4 months, Faith has gone from being completely unable to swim to swimming lengths confidently without any supervision. It was a privilege to help her achieve her goal of being able to swim in time for her trip to Norway where she will be swimming outside in the Fjords! I am so proud of her.” – Amy

  • Fei Chen
    August 2019: Fei Chen

    Nominated by: Ali Kteich (Personal Trainer)

    Fei has shown great determination in her fitness and refused to give up on her goals.

    “For years Fei was struggling to achieve her fitness goals. Despite this, she did not give up and tried a variety of different approaches to reach the next level. She has shown amazing dedication and commitment and in the space of just 1 month has achieved an amazing transformation.” – Ali

  • Leon Taavo
    September 2019: Leon Taavo

    Leon has achieved great success in track running and also shown dedication in overcoming injury.

    “Leon is very hard working and ambitious, he has shown great determination in progressing as highly as possible in his track sprinting career.”
    “I had been trying to get back into athletics for years despite a serious injury to my hamstring but after working with Lucia I managed to achieve a 2nd place medal in an Athletics Open. – Leon

  • Anastasia Cardone
    October 2019: Anastasia Cardone

    Anastasia has shown extreme determination in her training and fitness goals, utilising The Edge to its fullest in order to supplement her running. 

    “I train at The Edge most days. At first I would mostly swim, hitting records of 10 Km in the pool. I then started doing spin class, Yoga, Pilates and gym sessions to improve strength and flexibility. I started running with the GOGA club and am now preparing for a 33km run. I have also run three half-marathons this year so far.” – Anastasia

  • David and Julia
    November 2019: David Barton and Julia Geddes

    Nominated by Aimee Lewis (Personal Trainer)

    Our first-ever joint Members of the Month, David and Julia, have been commended for their constant positive and upbeat attitudes in classes and encouraging classmates.

    “David and Julia have been coming to The Edge for a very long time but have never stopped bringing positivity and smiles to every class they attend. They always perform exceptionally well and ensure they do their best while encouraging others and being a constant positive influence to their classmates.” – Aimee

Vote for your Member of 2019

Thank you to everyone who voted. Voting has now closed. Find out who won below.

Your virtual journey begins: Les Mills RPM

Introducing all new Les Mills RPM indoor cycling classes at The Edge.

RPM is a group indoor cycling workout where you control the intensity. This means you can exercise at a leisurely pace or challenge yourself all to the most pedal-worthy playlists and embark on a fitness journey without ever leaving the studio.

Ride to the rhythm of powerful music, improve your personal performance and boost your cardio fitness at an intensity level that works for you!


The RPM workout is based on the science of Cardio Peak Training, which involves maintaining your heart rate at an aerobic training base with interspersed peaks of intensity. This specific blend of steady-state and high-intensity builds cardio endurance and also drives the transformative fat-burning effects associated with high-intensity interval training.

Researchers believe that the varying levels of intensity in an RPM workout are key to maximizing muscle adaptions and producing comprehensive health benefits. Studies have shown that attending regular workouts cannot only improve fitness, but also reduce body fat and decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Let’s ride!

Sign up for classes here (Available from January 25 onwards)

Les Mills Take-over

On January 11, Les Mills is taking over!

Come along to Cromer Terrace and try out all new classes for –

GRIT Strength – High Intensity Interval Training designed to improve strength, increase fitness and build lean muscle.

GRIT Cardio – A 30 minute, high intensity workout that improves cardiovascular fitness, increases speed and burns off calories.

Body Pump – The original barbell class which strengthens your entire body and challenges your major muscle groups.

Body Combat – An energetic and empowering cardio workout inspired by various martial arts styles.

Body Jam – A mixture of dance and aerobic moves blended with hip hop, funk and latin music. A fun workout.

…with new techniques, new music and a whole new level of fitness!


Classes will be taking place at Cromer Terrace between 10am – 3pm.

Keep an eye out for our new class launches every 3 months.


Sign-up now! 

Class times

GRIT Strength10:00 – 10:30
GRIT Cardio10:35 – 11:05
Body Pump11:15 – 12:15
Body Combat12:30 – 13:30
Body Jam13:45 – 14:45