There are many ways you can look at things, but putting a positive spin on things can really help boost your wellbeing. We believe that if you look for it, there is always a positive side to something. Focusing on positivity can help to boost your immune system, reduce stress and boost your energy, after all our mindset has a bigger impact on how we feel than we realise.  

Below are a few things that you can do regularly to stay on top of positivity and hopefully if you practice these regularly you’ll feel more positive! 

Ending the day with appreciation and positivity

Spending a little time each day to focus on what you’re grateful for, doing this before going to bed to end the day on a high can work well. Why not try each evening, saying out loud, writing them down, or just thinking to yourself, five things you’re grateful for. 

Taking a moment to be mindful

Taking time out during the day to just be present and focus in on the present moment, helps with grounding and helps to take your mind off any stressors. All days are different, but even just fitting in a few minutes can have a big impact on reducing stress. How about taking some quiet time either before you eat your lunch, or sometime in the afternoon, anywhere that’s comfortable and just focusing in on your breathing and the space around you. You could also try a full meditation, short or long ones are available and easily accessible through apps like Calm or Headspace. Or you can tune into our website and try out some of our own recordings and access our resources too.

Pilates class

Now is all that matters

It’s easy to get carried away thinking or worrying about the future, if you feel like this, remind yourself that the only time we ever have full control over, is this moment, right now. The past has happened and can’t be changed and the future ahead of you in the wider scheme of things, won’t be affected too much by you. The things you can affect are doing things to improve it, but apart from that, doing what you can in the moment and looking after yourself is really important! If you’re feeling negative, a good way of bringing yourself back to the present is choosing a colour, and counting everything in the room that is that colour, it’s the really simple things that can help a lot! 

Do something you enjoy

If you’re stuck in a bit of a rut and can’t seem to get out of it or change your mindset, try doing something you really enjoy, or that you know calms you. Have a think back to a time when you truly felt relaxed, and what you were doing then, can you recreate this? And if not, why not try any of the following: 

  • Have a warm, relaxing bath or refresh with a shower 
  • Do some drawing or colouring 
  • Call a friend for a chat 
  • Get some fresh air 
  • Do some exercise 
  • Stretch your body 
  • Practise some meditation  

View our wellbeing page for more helpful tips and resources to benefit your mental and physical wellbeing.