Enhancing wellbeing: the power of helping others and staying connected

helping others

Helping others Helping others helps to stimulate the reward centres in your brain is actually really great for your wellbeing. It must be true, there is no selfless good deed! But that’s not the point. If you are able to help anyone in need, through volunteering, offering to get some bits from the shops or […]

Active living: enhancing your physical and mental wellbeing

Active circuits

It’s so important for us to stay active. It can be so easy not to do much, especially if you spend most of your time working at a desk and sitting for long periods. Making sure you stay active will help to improve your physical and mental health massively. Here are a few reasons why:  […]

Maximising sleep quality: essential habits for wellbeing and productivity

Alarm clock

Healthy habits for a restful night’s sleep Sleep plays a vital role in how we feel on a day to day basis. It’s the backbone of good health and arguably the most important factor or ‘the base of the pyramid’. When we sleep we repair cells, become stronger, process information and store and increase knowledge. […]

Healthy eating tips: energy, mood, and meal planning

healthy eating

Importance of healthy eating habits and timing for energy and mood Ever notice how you feel after indulging in some less healthy meals or snacks? Lethargic, low on energy and low in mood? When we eat well, we can feel so much more energised and happier. Timing of eating is important too and can affect […]

International Partnership Brings Cycling to Rural South African Children

A team of cyclists with their arms up

Gryphons Abroad Initiative In a groundbreaking development, the University of Leeds and the Bambisanani Partnership have joined forces to create a dedicated cycle hub. This hub will empower thousands of children in rural South Africa to learn how to ride and maintain bicycles. Since 2016, the University of Leeds and the Bambisanani Partnership have successfully […]

Fitness for the Future: The Edge's Sustainable Fitness Practices

Magali Massip sustainable architect

The Edge has taken the leap towards a greener future by implementing a series of sustainable practices. From an energy-efficient swimming pool and producing our own chlorine to eco-friendly marketing materials. We aim to set an example of how fitness centres can be more sustainable. At The Edge, we are fortunate to have Magali Massip, our […]

Leeds Sport Partnership win big!

Leeds Sport partners at The Yorkshire Sports Awards

On Thursday 18 May, our staff and student members of the Leeds Sport partnership attended the prestigious annual Yorkshire Sports Awards. This year the awards were held in Hull and saw the Leeds Sport partnership win 3 of the 5 awards. The awards celebrate the sporting achievements of athletes, coaches, administrators and volunteers across the […]

State of the art Strength & Conditioning hub to open this year!

Gryphon Mascot standing outside Cromer Terrace, new strength & conditioning hub

Work has been approved to redevelop two buildings on campus to provide exciting brand-new spaces for our university community. Cromer Terrace will be refurbished to become the new strength & conditioning hub & home for our sports clubs and performance athletes. This will include a state-of-the-art Strength and Conditioning centre, new physiotherapy rooms and meeting […]

Brand-new online management system launching

computer keyboard, new online management system

Following member feedback, we are excited to announce that we are launching a brand-new online account management system. This will allow our customers easy access to an Edge online account across both mobile and web. The new online management system offers flexibility safety and control, allowing customers to book classes, swim sessions and sports hall activities. […]