Following on from Christmas 2021, the Fitness Team will be running a series of Fitness Courses, designed to teach our members about different elements of Health & Fitness.

Kicking the new year off will be two exciting courses, due to start the week commencing the 31st January:

1. Women’s Strength Training

This one is our most popular course by far! Women’s Strength training is designed to teach participants the best methods of strength training for females. On the course you will not only learn the most effective exercises and the proper technique, but also how to safely set up and use the strength training equipment. You will come away knowing the basics of tailoring an exercise plan to meet your own needs.

2. Back to fitness 

A brand new addition to the calendar, this course is designed to teach members how to make simple changes over 6 weeks to begin to build fitness, eat healthier, and get results! Each week you will have a body scan to measure your progress and take part in a PT-lead group exercise session. You will be given a workout plan to follow, as well as a weekly nutritional challenge to slowly build better eating habits.

Spaces will be available to book with Reception closer to the time.