Christie Championships

When: Wednesday 26th April
Where: University of Leeds
Price: FREE

Forget Game of Thrones, the Christie Championships is the ultimate Battle of the North. Steeped in history, the three way Varsity began in 1886 when the Universities of Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool were constituent colleges of Victoria University. As the three Universities became separate entities the rivalry has grown and over the years has lead to the thrilling, action packed competition that it is today. Over 1500 students compete in over 30 different sports, all rolled into one afternoon of fierce competition. This year, join us as hosts as we show Liverpool and Manchester exactly how Leeds do things!

Get involved:

If you aren’t participating in this year’s event, the Christie Championships is completely free to attend, so come down to one of our awesome facilities to support your Gryphon’s! If they didn’t know it already, we’ll certainly prove to Liverpool and Manchester that Leeds is the best Uni. Fixtures will be taking place at The Edge, The Gryphon Centre and Sports Park Weetwood so be sure to stop by.

For more information visit the official Christie website here, and follow the official Christie twitter @ChristieChamps and add Leeds Sport on snapchat (LeedsSport) to get a live glimpse of what’s happening on the day.