pool 520

Swimming Pool

25 metre 8 lane swimming pool


Looking for the Swimming Pool Timetable? View our NEW easy-to-use timetable page here                                                                                                                                                        

A fantastic and unique swimming pool

Are you looking for a pool where you can unwind and relax?
Come on in and enjoy our sauna and steam room and let your feet warm up with the underfloor heating in our brand new changing facilities.

Are you trying to improve your swimming performance?
Our 25m, eight lane swimming pool has over one hundred hours of lane swimming available.  It's a great place for competitions, with our Swiss timing systems.  Take a look at the pool timetable for more details.

Would you like to learn to swim, join an aqua class or bring your family?
Our pool has a movable floor so as well as being able to offer a two metre depth, we can also run aqua aerobics, swimming lessons and paddling sessions!

Do you hate smelling of chemicals?
Our pool has a state of the art UV system, which means we can use just half the normal amount of chemicals to create a beautiful pool environment.

What if you don't want to stretch to the price of a membership?
That's OK!  If you just want to use the swimming pool it costs as little as £2.50 for a swim.  You can also take advantage of our twelve swims for the price of ten offer.  Take a look at our complete price list for more information.

Are you looking for swimming lessons, swimming activities or ways to improve your swimming performance?
We offer a large swimming programme, with more than 16 group lessons and a variety of aquatic based activities taking place throughout the work.  Take a look at our brand new swimming programme.

When are our peak times?
Our peak times are between the hours of 12-2pm and 4-7pm and the price is dependent upon whether you are a student, staff member, alumni or member of the general public. To swim during peak times costs £1 extra than during non-peak times. Please see our price list for the exact price.