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As a member of The Edge, no matter your membership type you qualify for a 20% discount off all online orders through OTE. 

They’re a local, Yorkshire based company who are community first. A brand with a face, personality, and passion. Just a small team that loves what they do! 

Like the Edge, they believe sports nutrition doesn’t have to be elitist, and that they have a duty to educate people about how best to use their products. As a sports nutrition company they aim to demystify performance nutrition and offer straightforward, scientifically backed nutrition advice for all athletes. This then allows you to make an educated choice on what you need and when to use it to improve your performance or general fitness. 

How to claim your discount

Taking advantage of this fantastic offer is easy. 

  1. Buy an Edge Membership! 
  2. Contact edgemembership@leeds.ac.uk letting them know you would like the code 
  3. Receive your exclusive discount code 
  4. Go to the OTE website and purchase some amazing products!