Learning To Ride Bikes

The Gryphons Abroad team tell us about the second day of teaching the children how to both ride and maintain a bike.  Charli Brunning Today saw the second day of bicycle training at Mnyakanya High School. The students were super keen to get started, and were waiting patiently for us in the classroom as we […]

Cycling To Success

Through your donations of bikes, equipment and money our Gryphons Abroad team have been able to set up a bike hub in South Africa. This will allow children who cannot attend school as they live too far away the chance to own a bike which will give them a way to travel to and from […]

The Scottish National Anthem?!

The Gryphons Abroad team reflect on their time at Gratton school and students sing the Scottish National Anthem, with ALL the words… Jade Lord So today was our final day at Gratton with all the children. I had my curriculum lesson to deliver in the afternoon which I was feeling quite apprehensive about. The first two activities […]

Gryphons Abroad - day 2

Day 2 in the schools is now complete in the Gryphons Abroad camp and we’ve had our latest update from the team about how it went Rachel Weaver On the second day we worked at Gratton School again. During the first session we did leadership and worked mainly on communication, we led games such as blindfolded […]

First day at school

After settling in, the Gryphon’s Abroad team have enjoyed their first day of school.   Read about how they got on with our student blogs below and keep an eye out tomorrow for the next update… Rosie Kerr The first day in South Africa did not disappoint! No amount of stories or pictures could have […]

And They're Off!

After a year of planning the Gryphons Abroad team have made it to South Africa! Project lead Andy Lockwood (right) sums up his excitement and the plan for their days in Eshowe…   We are back and so is the blog, this will be the only one I write… promise! So after 10 months, countless […]