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Do what moves you

The joint strategic plan for Sport and Physical Activity

Do What Moves You was the ambitious vision of the University of Leeds to be the best university for being active in the UK.

Sport & Physical Activity created an inspiring environment where the choice for students, staff and local communities to be active is easy, accessible and rewarding. The major tools for this were our facilities, services and partnerships.

We’ve engaged with staff, students and stakeholders at the University; below is a snapshot of what we achieved.

Leeds Sport and Physical Activity Impact Report Infographic

We care for our community’s physical and mental health – wherever they are. Our core delivery is based on having 11,700 members at The Edge, over 300 students engaging with our LEED Modules, over 300 students engaging with our Lifestyle & Wellbeing programme and £102,500 saved through our 18+ volunteering programmes.

We support 8,700 students through sport and activity. The recent build of Bodington Football Hub was essential. Sport & Activity worked with over 50 local partners and provide 200+ social leagues.

We support Healthy Week, an annual staff initiative, by getting over 300 colleagues active. We also run live posture sessions and make them accessible anywhere. 


  • Improved wellbeing for staff and students
  • Students ready for their future
  • Enriching the student experience
  • Creating a positive impact on the city
  • Demonstrable commitment to sustainability


  • Develop your skills and broaden your horizons
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Reach your potential


  • Customer focused
  • Financially sustainable
  • One team
  • Demonstrating value

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We created the conditions for students, staff and local communities to ‘Do What Moves You’

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