New Trustee for The Bambisanani Partnership

This week, The Bambisanani Partnership appointed Leeds Sports Professional Development Manager, Andy Lockwood, as a Trustee.  

Andy became involved in the Bambisanani Partnership 2 years ago and made his first visit to South Africa in 2015 with students and staff from St. Mary’s School, Menston. Inspired by the visit, Andy set about organising his own project with students from the University of Leeds to head to South Africa to further develop the work of the partnership. In June 2016, the first ‘Gryphon’s Abroad‘ leadership project was delivered to over one hundred junior school children and pioneered a unique cycling programme (Cycling to Success) at Mnyakanya School.  Its safe to say the project was a huge success and the students that helped to deliver the project had an incredible experience.

“Over the last two years, I have had the privilege of working with the partnership, initially as a sponsored guest and more recently as a fully-fledged project partner through my role at the University of Leeds. I can quite honestly say that the partnership has had a profound effect on me as an individual and the way in which I view the world. Through my visit with the partnership in 2015 and the delivery of my own project in 2016, I have seen the positive effect the partnership’s work has on the young people and communities it comes into contact with, whether it be supporting young people in South Africa to develop their leadership and coaching skills or supporting our students to develop their skills and broaden their horizons. The charity has an impact upon everyone it comes into contact with. It continues to leave a lasting and growing legacy both in Kwa Zulu Natal and Leeds. It is something that the charity should be very proud of. Sport has an amazing power to change and enrich the lives of young people and this is something that I am incredibly passionate about. I am committed not only through my role at the University of Leeds but personally to the continual development of this work and the good that it does. I believe that my passion and experience will help to develop the partnership further and that I will be able to contribute to its ongoing success. It is a great honour to be appointed to the Board of Trustees and I look forward to playing my part in this amazing charity.”

The Bambisanani Partnership is a multi-award winning charity which uses sport as a catalyst to promote education, health, global citizenship and leadership in one of South Africa’s most deprived rural areas.  Andy will join Founder Trustees David Geldart, Darren Beardsley, Katie Campbell, Barbara Pounder and Diane Maguire on the Board. Chairman of The Bambisanani Partnership, David Geldart, was excited to welcome Andy to the board:

“Andy is an outstanding young man who has gained national recognition for his work in Sport Development and Leadership. He has demonstrated great commitment and personal investment to the partnership and has the vision and enthusiasm to make a significant contribution to the charity, both strategically and operationally. Andy is both a fantastic team player and leader and it is a privilege for us to have him on board.”

University of Leeds are delighted to hear of Andy’s appointment and are excited to be involved in such a fantastic partnership. Head of Sport, Suzanne Glavin, commented on the appointment:

“This is inspirational stuff and I’m delighted for Andy that his hard work , commitment and personal dedication are being recognised through this special appointment. It’s a delight to work alongside people who believe in their product. He is a great ambassador for the University of Leeds and for the power of sport.”

2017’s Gryphon’s Abroad cohort are already well underway fundraising for the second year of the project.


This Girl Definitely Can

3 girls doing yoga in this girl can t-shirts

We met up with our Uni Girls Can student activator to find out a little more about her and the programme…

Name:  Sarah Elkin
Sarah Uni Girls Can activator looking at the camera with a ball Course:  Zoology

What is Uni Girls Can? It’s a mini campaign under the larger umbrella of This Girl Can, aiming to change stereotypes about the type of women that are active, because there is no stereotype, everyone of all ages can be active and we want to show that it is easy and fun. Encouraging people who aren’t active to come to sessions and stick at it can be hard, but this is why our events have one main aim: to have fun! half the time you are doing exercise without even realising it, we always make it a priority to have a friendly approachable feel.

What’s your fave post exercise food treat? Always pasta, it’s not the most imaginative treat, but after exercising I always want carbs and lots of them.

What does a Uni Girls Can activator do? I try to engage as many women as possible into becoming active and entering a healthy lifestyle, including staff, students and any other women around Leeds!

Interesting fact about yourself: I travelled all the way from South Africa to Newcastle with no shoes on.

Why should people engage with Uni Girls Can? It’s a great way to meet a whole network of like minded people – who understand the constant struggles of trying to stay active and healthy, I find being active with company makes it so much easier to stick to it, there is always someone there to support you.

Favourite hobbies: Definitely Horse riding, many people think it’s ‘not a real sport’ but I can assure you it most definitely is! My newest love is for pole dancing, being a generally active person I thought I would find it easy but I admire my teacher now for making it look that way.

What activity have you never done but want to try?  Synchronized swimming, whenever I go to the pool it is just for fun and to splash about, this sport looks almost as fun, the faces they pull are hilarious.

Who is your role model? One of my friends I met through rowing, she is constantly getting me to go to the gym with her, I don’t know how she has so much motivation it’s ridiculous. She is also really good with her eating, her diet puts mine to shame, how she has so much self-control I do not know, all I know is if she is doing it I should be too!

This BUCS Girl Can

girl having fun at stacey copeland boxing session at the university of Leeds

It’s This BUCS Girl Can Week from 7th – 13th November  and we have a whole host of fun things for you to get involved in!

Make sure you also sign up on our Uni Girls Can webpage which showcases activities, how to fuel your body, leadership opportunities and voluntary work, as well as one-off events covering a range of activities and topics.

This BUCS Girl Can Week Activities 2016

Date & Location Activity Get Involved
2 – 2.45pm
Cromer Terrace Studios
Beginners Yoga Free for Edge members, £3 for non-members
Cromer Terrace Studios
Rowfit Free for Edge members, £3 for non-members
The Edge: Hall 1B
Womens 5 a-side Football Drop in Session Free for Edge members, £3 for non- members
No need to book, just turn up!
12:15 – 1pm
Meet at Cromer Terrace Studios
Women’s Woodhouse Workout Free for Edge members, £1 for non- members 
5.30 – 6.30pm
Cromer Terrace Studios
Intro to Boxing £3
12:05 – 12:40pm
Meet at Cromer Terrace Studios
Fun Lunchtime Run FREE
10 – 3pm
Sports Park Weetwood
Outdoor Leadership Day FREE
1 – 4.30pm
Roundhay Park
Beginners Outdoor Rowing Trip £5
9am – 5:30pm
Walking Trip to Wensleydale – Aysgarth Falls £9

Get yourself signed up for something and don’t forget to use the hashtag #ThisBUCSGirlCan and #UniGirlsCan on twitter.

Leeds Sport has a huge range of activities for you to try so make sure you check out our Social Sport Sessions, Get Out, Get Active Programme and Leadership opportunities.