BUCS Wednesday Round Up

BUCS Wednesday Round Up

October 28th 2015 

The rain didn’t dampen our Gryphons spirits as in our match of the day womens football first team made it 3 out of 3 wins beating University of Manchester 1-0 at a muddy North Pavilion.

After a slow start to the season our Rugby League mens 1st team recorded their first win of the BUCS Prem division beating Hull a very convincing 32-4, they celebrated with their own version of the haka. Enjoy.

For many of our Gryphons it was Cup week, with men’s hockey 6th team venturing to Wales beating Bangor 2nds 3-1 however they have a tough challenge ahead facing fellow team’s mates of the men’s 2nds in the next round. Elsewhere the women’s 2nds smashed it in their Cup game with a 21-0 win over Liverpool John Moors 3rds. The netball club had a fantastic Wednesday with 5 out of 6 teams winning and progressing to the next round of the Cup competition.

Well done to everyone, check out more info on the BUCS Sport website.

Sport Home Competition Result
Badminton Mens 1 University of Manchester Mens 1st Northern 1A DRAW
Badminton Mens 2 University of Liverpool Mens 3rd Cup 6 2 WIN
Badminton Mens 3 Keele University Mens 2nd Cup 8 0 WIN
Badminton Womens 2 Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Womens 1st Northern 1A  2 6 LOSS
Basketball Mens 3 Manchester Metropolitan University Mens 3rd (Manchester) Cup 53 83 LOSS
Football Mens 1 University of Manchester Mens 1st Northern 1A 2 2 DRAW
Football Mens 3 University of Hull Mens 1st Cup 0 3 LOSS
Football Womens 1 University of Manchester Womens 1st Northern 1A 1 0 WIN
Hockey Manchester Metropolitan University Mens 3rd (Manchester)  Cup
Hockey Bangor University Mens 3rd  Cup
Hockey Womens 2 Liverpool John Moores University Womens 3rd Cup 21 0 WIN
Hockey Womens 3 University of Manchester Womens 3rd Cup 2 1 WIN
Hockey Womens 4 University of Manchester Womens 2nd Cup DRAW
Hockey Womens 6 University of York Womens 2nd Cup DRAW
Hockey Womens 7 University of Chester (Warrington) Womens 1st Cup 12 1 WIN
Lacrosse Mens 1 Sheffield Hallam University Mens 1st Northern 1A 11 19 LOSS
Lacrosse Womens 1 Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Womens 1st Northern 1A 23 6 WIN
Lacrosse Womens 2 Northumbria University Womens 1st Northern 2B 8 19 LOSS
Netball 1 Durham University Womens 1st Northern 1A 35 27 WIN
Netball 5 Liverpool John Moores University Womens 3rd Cup 48 23 WIN
Netball 6 York St John University Womens 2nd Northern 7B 39 37 WIN
Rugby League 1 University of Hull Mens 1st Premier North 32 4 WIN
Rugby Union Mens 1 University of Nottingham Mens 1st Premier North A 16 12 WIN
Squash Womens 2 Bangor University Womens 1st Northern 1A 3 1 WIN
Tennis Mens 1 Loughborough University Mens 2nd Trophy  10 2 WIN
Tennis Mens 3 Keele University Mens 2nd Cup DRAW
Tennis Mens 4 Lancaster University Mens 2nd Cup DRAW
Volleyball Mens 1 University of Sheffield Mens 1st Northern 1A 1 3 LOSS
Sport Away Competition Result
Badminton Womens 1 Sheffield Hallam University Womens 1st Premier North 3 5 LOSS
Basketball Womens 1 Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Womens 1st Northern 1A 13 59 LOSS
Fencing Womens 1 Newcastle University Womens 2nd Northern 1A 132 119 WIN
Fencing Mens 1 Northumbria University Mens 1st Northern 1A 94 135 LOSS
Football Mens 4 Edge Hill University Mens 3rd Plate 3 2 WIN
Football Womens 3 University of Salford Womens 1st Cup 0 17 LOSS
Golf University of Central Lancashire Mixed 2nd Northern 1A 1 5 LOSS
Hockey Mens 6 Bangor University Mens 2nd Cup 3 1 WIN
Hockey Womens 8 Edge Hill University Womens 1st Cup  0 20 LOSS
Hockey Mens 3 Keele University Mens 2nd Cup 0 4 LOSS
Hockey University of Cumbria Womens 1st Cup
Hockey Womens 1 University of Edinburgh Womens 1st Premier A North 1 8 LOSS
Hockey Mens 4 University of York Mens 1st Cup 0 4 LOSS
Netball 2 Edge Hill University Womens 2nd Cup 48 27 WIN
Netball 4 Sheffield Hallam University Womens 2nd Cup 32 59 LOSS
Netball 3 University of Cumbria Womens 1st Cup 47 15 WIN
Rugby League 2 University of York Mens 1st Northern 3A 36 0 WIN
Rugby Union Men 3 Durham University Mens 4th Northern 2B 13 35 LOSS
Rugby Union Sheffield Hallam University Mens 1st Northern 2B
Rugby Union Sheffield Hallam University Mens 3rd Northern 5B
Rugby Union Womens 1 Sheffield Hallam University Womens 1st Northern 1A 7 0 WIN
Squash Mens 1 Newcastle University Mens 1st Northern 1A 2 3 LOSS
Squash Mens 3 Sheffield Hallam University Mens 2nd Cup 0 3 LOSS

FREE Strength and Conditioning Sessions!


To help develop our student clubs we will be hosting a number of free Strength & Conditioning sessions for students to attend.

Our first session will be focusing on racket sports.

When: Thursday 12th November, 19:45 – 20:45

Where: Leeds Gryphons Strengh & Conditioning Room in The Edge

This is a unique opportunity to learn from highly experienced professional S&C coaches, with previous experience of working at both Olympic level and in professional sport.

You will learn

  • How to structure an S&C session
  • How to structure a long-term training programme
  • The principles of training
  • How to create sports and individually specific training programme

In addition, you will receive:

  • Access to coaches contact details
  • The opportunity for further guidance on your training
  • A list of S&C resources recommended by the S&C team to further direct your training.

Register your interest to attend this session using the form below, you will be notified if you have secured a place by the 6th November 2015.

Snow Scholar soars into Team GB

University of Leeds Snowboard Sports Scholar Gillian Finnerty will be joining the Great Britain training camp in the snowboard cross early next year.

Gillian has had great success this past year dominating the BUCS snowboarding circuit and recently won the Indoor England and British Championships in snowboard cross.

Despite freestyle being her favourite discipline she was advised to give snowboard cross a go. At the recent talent ID event she clocked second fastest time just behind Olympian Zoe Gillings and was quickly asked to join the GB side for training out in Austria at the beginning of 2016.

Snowboard cross is where four or six snow boarders race on a course filed with banked turns, kickers, rollers and other obstacles. The fastest people go through to the next round until there’s a winner.

“It’s basically like being on a snowboarding rollercoaster in a form of a race. It’s really fun providing you don’t end up crashing!” Gillian beams.

Gillian has decided to have a two month suspension of her PhD studies at the University while she focuses on her Snowboard cross.

“This is a really great opportunity for me and I’d like to thank the admin staff for the Bioenergy CDT and my supervisors for being so supportive and allowing me to do this.

“I’d also like to give a shout out to my snowboard sponsors; Raven Snowboards, Volt Snow Co, Misguided Fools, minus-nine and NUCO. And of course a big thanks goes to my parents for helping me with the costs!”

Gillian has dived straight into it as the indoor season begins and has won the British the indoor SBX champs most recently. She will be based with the team in Zell am Ziller in Austria, from the end of December until end of February. She will then go on to the BRITS in Tignes to compete in all disciplines, and then compete for the University at BUSC main event, getting those all important BUCS points for Leeds.

Best of luck or the year ahead Gillian!

BUCS Wednesday

BUCS Wednesday Round Up

21st October 2015

We are into our second week of the 2015/16 BUCS season and after learning that our Gryphons do not travel well after the shaky start last week we have hit the ground running. With 55 fixtures played we had 26 wins, 19 losses and 10 draws across the Wednesday.

Our match of the day saw one of our top teams, men’s water polo dramatically loose out to Yorkshire rivals Sheffield Hallam 22-2 in the BUCS Prem, our side were missing a few key players and struggled against the water giants.

Lacrosse women 1st team kept up their winning ways as they travelled away to beat Liverpool 19-3, with the men 1st team securing their first win of the season against Man Met in a nail biting 9-6 win away from home. Our squash men came away victorious with 3 wins out of 3 on the day, they have started the season dominating the BUCS circuit.

Please see all the results from this week below.

Sport Home Result
Badminton Mens 1s University of Sheffield Mens 1s 8 0 WIN
Badminton Womens 1s University of Nottingham Womens 1s 5 3 WIN
Badminton Womens 2s University of Sheffield Womens 1s 4 4 DRAW
Basketball Mens 1s University of Huddersfield Mens 1s 41 49 LOSS
Basketball Mens 2s University of Huddersfield Mens 2s 78 53 WIN
Basketball Womens 1s Bangor University Womens 1s 33 61 LOSS
Football Mens 3s Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Mens 5s 3 0 WIN
Football Womens 3s Newcastle University Womens 2s 0 2 LOSS
Hockey Mens 2s Northumbria University Mens 1s 1 6 LOSS
Hockey Mens 4s Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Mens 3s 4 1 WIN
Hockey Mens 6s University of York Mens 3s 5 0 WIN
Hockey Womens 1s University of Nottingham Womens 1s 2 2 DRAW
Hockey Womens 2s University of York Womens 1s 1 1 DRAW
Hockey Womens 3s Northumbria University Womens 2s 4 0 WIN
Hockey Womens 4s Newcastle University Womens 4s 2 3 LOSS
Lacrosse Womens 2s Sheffield Hallam University Womens 1s 6 18 LOSS
Netball Womens 2s Sheffield Hallam University Womens 1s 23 25 LOSS
Netball Womens 3s University of York Womens 1s 38 33 WIN
Rugby Union Mens 3s Northumbria University Mens 2s 32 20 WIN
Rugby Union Womens 1s University of York Womens 1s 51 0 WIN
Squash Mens 2s Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Mens 2s 3 0 WIN
Squash Womens 2s Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Womens 1s 0 3 LOSS
Tennis Mens 3s Sheffield Hallam University Mens 2s 8 4 WIN
Tennis Mens 4s University of Bradford Mens 2s 12 0 WIN
Water Polo Mens 1s Sheffield Hallam University Mens 1s 2 22 LOSS
Sport Away
Badminton Mens 2s Teesside University Mens 1s 7 1 WIN
Badminton Mens 3s University of York Mens 2s 1 7 LOSS
Fencing Mens 1s Lancaster University Mens 1s 115 135 LOSS
Fencing Womens 2s University of Sheffield Womens 1s 114 119 LOSS
Football Mens 2s Durham University Mens 2s 2 1 WIN
Football Mens 1s Liverpool John Moores University Mens 1s 0 1 LOSS
Football Womens 2s Teesside University Womens 1s 2 0 WIN
Football Womens 1s University of Central Lancashire Womens 1s 3 1 WIN
Hockey Mens 3s Leeds Beckett University (Carnegie) Mens 2s 2 3 LOSS
Hockey Womens 5s Teesside University Womens 1s 2 4 LOSS
Hockey Mens 5s University of Huddersfield Mens 1s 2 5 LOSS
Hockey Mens 1s University of Sheffield Mens 1s 3 1 WIN
Hockey Womens 6s University of Sheffield Womens 4s DRAW
Lacrosse Mens 1s Manchester Metropolitan University Mens 1s 9 6 WIN
Lacrosse Womens 1s University of Liverpool Womens 1s 19 3 WIN
Netball 4s Durham University Womens 3s 26 28 LOSS
Netball 1s University of Liverpool Womens 1s 18 42 LOSS
Rugby League Mens 1s Northumbria University Mens 1s 6 30 LOSS
Rugby Union Mens 2s Newcastle University Mens 3s 43 17 WIN
Rugby Union Mens 4s University of York Mens 3s DRAW
Squash Mens 1s Manchester Metropolitan University Mens 1s 5 0 WIN
Squash Mens 3s University of Sunderland Mens 1s 3 0 WIN
Table Tennis Mens 1s University of York Mens 1s 9 8 WIN
Table Tennis Mens 2s University of York Mens 2s 8 9 LOSS
Tennis Womens 3s Durham University Womens 5s DRAW
Tennis Womens 2s Newcastle University Womens 2s 2 10 LOSS
Tennis Mens 2s Northumbria University Mens 1s 6 6 DRAW
Tennis Womens 1s Northumbria University Womens 1s 2 10 LOSS
Tennis Mens 1s University of Chester (Chester) Mens 1s 2 10 LOSS
Volleyball Mens 1s Lancaster University Mens 1s 3 1 WIN
Volleyball Womens 1s University of Bradford Womens 1s 3 0 WIN


Lifeguard team success!

The lifeguard team from The Edge recently competed in the IQL UK & CIMSPA Lifeguard Triathlon,  an event which tests theory, swimming ability and CPR.

A key objective for both IQL UK and CIMSPA is to help raise organisational standards by providing the framework and opportunities for staff to undertake continual professional development and “aim higher” than simple job competence. The triathlon is a fabulous opportunity for lifeguards to showcase their skills and knowledge and reward those who excel at both a local and national level.

In 2014 the team competed and came 20th and this year saw an even better result where they came 15th out of a total of 53 facilities. Full results can be found here.

Gemma Smales (Duty Manager) who leads the lifeguard training said:

“The team have really been engaged and worked hard in training over the past year so its nice to see their efforts pay off”

A massive well done to the team. All swimmers are in save hands here at The Edge



A Roaring Success

Our first event as part of the Uni Girls Can launch week, combined the zoo project, a colour run and the Great British bake off to create the Catwalk Run!

With the aim to embrace the fun, glamorous side of being a woman which often isn’t associated with being active, the event kick started with free face painting, nail art discounts and showcased some of the beautiful, African inspired gym wear from un-official brand sponsor Lornah Sports. One lucky participant, Megan Walker, even won her own Lornah look outfit after entering our Launch week ‘What inspires you to get moving?’ social media competition.

Bedecked in colour, print and pattern, a parade of 30 students, staff and members of the local community (including some keen youngsters joining their mum) then united in setting the city alight on the urban run part of the event. Energized and buzzing from the run, we embarked on Hidden Café to enjoy well deserved coffee, cake and a natter! More lucky winners, Giulia Pe and friend, enjoyed a goody bag of healthy treats and pampering goodies, including a voucher from Happi Food and an Edge day pass, for their creative Lornah Roar photograph.

Thank you to all who attended our first event, we had a great time! Don’t worry if you missed this one, this is only the first of our colour, pattern and print inspired runs!

Leeds Varsity 2015

It was a day full of rain but that didn’t dampen the mood for Leeds Varsity 2015.

The 11th year of the competition between local rivals, The University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University was as competitive as ever and culminated in a record attendance at the rugby finale. 14,250 spectators attended the match at Headingley Carnegie Stadium, a bigger crowd than the Namibia v Georgia Rugby World Cup Game taking place at the same time!

As ever the day was packed with intense competition and both universities battled hard against each other throughout the day. Each university took the overall lead at different points in the day, making it too close to call leading into the rugby finale.

The University of Leeds started the day off in perfect style with a 3-0 win in the indoor rowing, this followed on from a good start in pool for the biathlon who later went on to win both the men’s and women’s. The university continued to dominate in the pool, effortlessly winning both the men’s and women’s swimming gala and water polo. Still on home turf at The Edge the university took a clean sweep in the handball winning both men’s and women’s matches as well as winning the korfball 17 – 9.

In the hockey the women won 3 of their 4 matches, the 4th team scoring a massive 9 goals to Leeds Becketts-0! The men’s 1’s and 4’s meanwhile won their games with the 4th team getting to double figures against Leeds Beckett. Over the fence on the 3G the women’s lacrosse team won their game but the men couldn’t keep up with beckett. Despite the awful weather the football went ahead on some very wet pitches with Leeds Beckett succeeding in both the men’s and women’s games.

Due to the weather some rugby games were cancelled and the Golf had to be abandoned with both sides splitting the point up for grabs. There were serious doubts about the rugby finale at Headingley Carnegie Stadium but following an emergency pitch inspection everyone was assured the game would go ahead!

Back indoors and the university netball teams had some very close matches, the 2nd team won in the last game of the day and the 3rd and 4th team missed out on victory by just one or two points. Meanwhile the university table tennis team took a convincing 16-1 win and the men’s squash teams won both their games against beckett. Luckily the cricket was indoor away from the rain and both men’s and women’s 1st teams came away victorious.

One of the last games of the date was the rugby league game which was the closest it’s ever been with just 1 point in it. Leeds Beckett won 23-22 as the University missed a last second penalty from the halfway line.

Going into the rugby final the results were too close to call and the boys went on the field with everything to play for in front of a deafening crowd at Headingley Carnegie Stadium. Despite a valiant effort by the team Leeds Beckett took the lead and the University couldn’t catch up. Leeds Beckett won 27 – 13 to make the overall Leeds Varsity score 30.5 – 27.5 on the night. Congratulations to Leeds Beckett University on their 11th varsity win.

“It was truly a fantastic day of sport and to have nearly 15k supporters in the stadium is a testament to the hard work of the Leeds Sport and Carnegie Sports teams and a reflection of how university sport can engage and inspire a significant proportion of our student community.

To be defeated by 3 points is desperately disappointing, but the progress we have made over the past couple of years following the launch of our Sports Strategy and the creation of the Leeds Sports team (previously Separate LUU and SPA sports development teams) is significant – and the whole team are committed to getting a varsity win within the next few years.”

Rob Wadsworth- Head of Sport

Well done to all players, coaches, volunteers, staff and spectators for the huge commitment and dedication to Leeds Varsity 2015.

A full list of results can be seen below and check out the Leeds Varsity 2015 photo album on the Gryphons Sport Facebook Page.


American Football:  Uni 0-55 Beckett
Athletics M (Track & Field):  Uni 52-87 Beckett
Athletics W (Track & Field):  Uni 46-77 Beckett

Badminton M1:  TBC
Badminton M2:  Uni 4-5 Beckett
Badminton M3:  TBC
Badminton W1:  Uni 6-2 Beckett
Badminton W2: TBC
Basketball M1:  Uni 60-68 Beckett
Basketball M2:  Uni 65-55 Beckett
Basketball W1:  Uni 35-47 Beckett
Biathlon W:  Uni 1-0 Beckett
Biathlon M:  Uni 1-0 Beckett

Cricket M1:  Uni 10-5 Beckett
Cricket M2: Uni 5-10 Beckett
Cricket W1: Uni 10-5 Beckett
Cross Country: Uni 1-0 Beckett

Football M1: Uni 0-1 Beckett
Football M2: Uni 3-6 Beckett
Football M3: Uni 1 – Beckett 1 (Uni lost on penalties)
Football M4: Uni 3-3 Beckett (Uni lost on penalties)
Football W1: Uni 1-11 Beckett
Football W2: Uni 0-5 Beckett
Football W3: Uni 0-16 Beckett

Golf (Mixed): Uni 1-1 Beckett

Handball M: Uni 26-22: Beckett
Handball W: Uni 26-24 Beckett
Hill Climb: TBC
Hockey M1: Uni 4- Beckett 1
Hockey M2: 1 3 Beckett
Hockey M3: TBC
Hockey M4: Uni 9-0 Beckett
Hockey W1: Uni 2-0 Beckett
Hockey W2: Uni 2-0 Beckett
Hockey W3: Uni 4-1 Beckett
Hockey W4: Uni 9-0 Beckett

Indoor Rowing: Uni 3-0 Beckett
Korfball: Uni 17-9 Beckett

Lacrosse M1: Uni 1-16 Beckett
Lacrosse W1: Uni 20-8 Beckett
Lacrosse W2: Cancelled

Netball 1: Uni 23-47 Beckett
Netball 2: Uni 46-42 Beckett
Netball 3: Uni 34-35 Beckett
Netball 4: Uni 34-36 Beckett

Rugby League 1: Uni 22-23 Beckett
Rugby Union M1: Uni 13-27 Beckett
Rugby Union M2: Cancelled
Rugby Union M3: Cancelled
Rugby Union W1: Uni 10-33 Beckett

Squash M1: Uni 5-0 Beckett
Squash M2: Uni 3-0 Beckett
Squash W1: Uni 1-3 Beckett
Swimming M: Uni 105-15 Beckett
Swimming W: Uni 69-48 Beckett

Table Tennis M1: Uni 16-1 Beckett
Tennis M1: Uni 0-12 Beckett
Tennis M2: Uni 0-12 Beckett
Tennis M3: TBC
Tennis M4: TBC
Tennis W1: TBC
Tennis W2: TBC
Tennis W3: TBC

Volleyball M1: TBC
Volleyball W1: Uni 3-0 Beckett

Waterpolo M1: Uni 22-9 Beckett
Waterpolo W1: Uni 23-7 Beckett