Spotlight of the month: Participant

This month we are spotlighting a regular GOGA participant, Gabriel Matos. One of our activators, Grace, went down to Parkinson steps early in the morning to meet Gabriel before he headed off for a lovely walk to Malham Cove.

Tell us a bit about yourself…GOGAparticipant

My name is Gabriel and I’m in the first year of my Physics PHD. I am originally from Portugal, Lisbon where I did my undergraduate and masters degrees in maths.

How did you first hear about GOGA?

I was looking on the Leeds University Union website when I first moved here. I wanted to find cool new things to do and that’s where I came across a GOGA walking event.

What activities have you participated in through the GOGA programme?

So far I have been on many walks in Yorkshire and the rest of the UK – today I’m going on my 10th walk!

What made you first take part in a GOGA activity?

I wanted a chance to meet new people and visit the countryside in and around Leeds. It’s certainly helped me to do both of those things!

What have you enjoyed most about getting involved as a participant with GOGA?

GOGA gives me the chance to get away from work for a while and do something completely different. My highlight so far has been the walk to Whitby, the weather was amazing that day!