Reach new heights with our indoor and outdoor climbing sessions

Our climbing programme is bigger and better than ever before with indoor and outdoor sessions taking place throughout the autumn term.

Participants have been enjoying indoor sessions at the climbing wall at the Edge and outdoor trips at the beautiful spot, Almscliffe Crag.

Our indoor sessions are ideal for beginners and they provide an opportunity to progress with the necessary skills and knowledge onto our outdoor climbing trips. Climbing indoors is a lot of fun and can teach you valuable skills. Many famous rock climbers have learned their skills on indoor climbing walls! You can expect to be shown the basics of climbing from bouldering and scaling 8m up the climbing wall, to coming back down safely.

You will also learn the key skill of how to belay others.

Our two outdoor climbing trips have proved to be popular this term. Almscliffe Crag is a beautiful spot for climbing. The crag is considered the greatest gritstone crag in Yorkshire and it has been climbed by some of the very best climbers!

From the top of the crag you can enjoy the scenic views of the valley below. On our outdoor trips this month, participants were led through some basic bouldering before having a go on the ropes, scaling carefully up the crag and abseiling back down again.


Phil, our climbing instructor, is able to adapt the rope course so it’s appropriate for all – whether you’ve had no previous climbing experience before or you consider yourself an expert! Almscliffe Crag is a climber’s paradise with lots of different routes available of varying difficulty.

Climbing is a fantastic full-body workout. It’s the ideal challenge both physically and mentally!

We have a few indoor climbing sessions left this term. You can book your spot here. Our outdoor climbing sessions at Almscliffe Crag will return to the programme next spring.