Food & Nutrition Workshops back with a Mexican themed evening!

After the success of last year, our food workshops have made a return to the Get Out, Get Active programme. We kick started the term with a Mexican Street Food themed workshop.

Our food workshops are an opportunity for you to enhance your cooking skills and nutrition knowledge with the help of our activators and our Food Science and Nutrition volunteers. Each workshop has a different theme and we have created recipes especially for each theme, considering cuisine from around the world.

On the menu of our Mexican Street Food workshop we had baked vegetarian enchiladas topped with a spiced tomato sauce and double cheese, chunky guacamole and creamy corn and black bean salsa.

Mexican cuisine began about 9000 years ago and Mexican street food is one of the most varied parts of the cuisine. Participants learnt about seasonal eating and what foods are in season currently and we discussed what constitutes traditional Mexican cuisine.

Our activator, Ellie, demonstrated the carefully crafted recipes before the participants split off into small groups to have a go at cooking the recipes. First up was the vegetarian enchiladas which are a satisfying healthy meal packed full of flavour, fibre and fiesta! They are very easy to make and are a quick and easy crowd-pleaser if you are ever hosting.

Everyone got stuck into making the accompanying dips whilst the enchiladas were baking in the oven. Guacamole is a staple in Mexican food. The recipe is fresh, chunky and creamy whilst packing a citrusy punch from the lime, garlic and (optional) chilli. The corn and black bean salsa is another quick and easy side that adds cool flavour to the fiery enchiladas.

All participants went away with copies of the recipes and leftovers in their bags!

Our next food workshop will be vegan themed and will take place on Thursday 14th November. You will be shown how to make some delicious sweet and savoury vegan dishes. Come along to enhance your cooking skills and understand how to get the nourishment you need from a plant-based diet. Book your place for this workshop now.

To have a go at making the Mexican recipes yourself, please click here.