Athlete of the Month: October

As term begins to get underway so do all of our teams training sessions as they start working to their goals for the new season. Unlike many of our teams the athletes from the University of Leeds Boat Club don’t compete every Wednesday giving them extra time to focus on their training for big events throughout the year. Senior rower Juliette told us a little more about her current programme in preparation for her upcoming races.  

What’s your sport?

Rowing, I only started the sport last year but I’m now a member of the senior performance squad.

What is your training schedule?

We have four sessions a week on the water, along with two erg sessions, two circuits training sessions and two to three S&C sessions a week. It is quite intense but the training is varied so it keeps it enjoyable.

What S&C do you do?

We have three S&C sessions planned every week. The sessions are focused on developing functional leg strength through exercises like weighted squats, trap bar dead-lifts and Olympic lifting. The sessions progress to using heavier weights for lower reps to develop strength.

What is your favourite exercise?

I really enjoy Olympic lifting, which is something that I started doing last year through my S&C programme. I love the functionality of the movements, and the way they incorporate strength and technique.

What is your least favourite exercise?

I am not a big fan of Bulgarian split squats as they really get your quads burning.

How do you feel S&C has helped you develop as an athlete?

It has helped me broaden my range of movement when it comes to lifting. I’ve learnt to clean, and have started to learn how to snatch, which is something that I have really come to enjoy. Having a set S&C programme has also helped me understand the importance of strength and conditioning, and the benefits it can bring when done properly to any sport.

Having just entered her second year of the sport S&C coach Max has been able to see her progression into the senior squad:

Juliette is great to work with. Not only does she really push herself in the gym, but she helps others around her. The Senior Rowing S&C sessions are very busy and so you can find her coaching those around her in between her sets. She is proficient at all the movements that we do, and has a great platform on which to build more strength and power which we can then work to transfer into improved performances on the water.

Below is Juliette completing a set of cleans in preparation for the upcoming season.