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Fitness suite and spin room refurbishment

Refurbishment update:

The fitness suite and spin studio refurbishment was completed and reopened on 26 September 2022. We are excited to welcome you back!

Fitness suite and spin room refurbishment

Find out everything you need to know about the refurbishment.

How we’re improving The Edge

  • Complete upgrade of our cardiovascular and resistance equipment, featuring the latest technology 
  • New layout of the fitness suite to provide more space for resistance and functional training 
  • Improving the environment through the installation of new flooring, lighting and a sound system 
  • Giving the fitness suite and spin studio a fresh look and feel

What do I need to know?

Gym closure

In order for us to complete this work, the fitness suite and spin studio will be temporarily closing from 20 July 2022.

During the refurbishment, we will continue to provide both gym facilities and spin classes in alternative spaces at The Edge.

Some classes will be relocated to Cromer Terrace.

Gym reopening

We plan to reopen both spaces fully in September and will make further update announcements on our website, through our newsletters and social media.

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How to make a booking

Booking a session for alternate workout space during the refurbishment can be done online in the same way as you would usually book a class:

  1. Visit: Our Online Booking webpage
  2. Log in. Students and staff will use their university email and password, public members will need to register if you’ve not used the system before.
  3. Click ‘Classes’ in the search box.
  4. Select the activity from the drop-down list. For the temporary facilities they will be spaced between two different areas:
  5. For your cardio workout please select ‘Cardio Gym Space’
  6. For your weight training please select ‘Strength Gym Space’
  7. For classes you need to find the relevant class you’d like to book and select it
  8. If you would like to use the stretching and mobility area in the squash court, you are free to use it without booking
  9. Select the dates and times you would like to book for and then click ‘Search‘. Members can book up to 2 days in advance, bookings open from 6am in the morning.
  10. Add it to your basket and confirm that you accept the Terms and Conditions by ticking the box and click ‘Checkout’.
  11. Finally, you will see a summary of the booking you have selected. To confirm the booking is made you must click on the ‘Confirm Bookings’link. You will receive a confirmation email of your booking.


We are dedicated to providing the same level or service as before. An alternate spin studio will be set up in one of the squash courts and some classes will move to the Gryphon Centre.

We are making every effort to stop this from having an adverse effect on your exercise and physical fitness. A stand-alone gym will be set up on the ground floor and we are exploring other options to expand this provision.

We plan to have completed the work in September 2022.

In preparation for the gym refurbishment, we commissioned a study with TrackMyGym to understand the current equipment utilisation, identify gaps and offer solutions. The detailed information received through their usage tracking and gym floor surveys in comparison to their 2012 study showed;

  • A 72% decrease in cardiovascular equipment usage
  • A 38% decrease in resistance equipment usage
  • A 31% increase in free weights usage

The study and its recommendations will ensure that the new equipment mix more accurately reflects changes in the industry and our customer needs. All the new equipment will be supplied by Technogym who are the world’s leading manufacturer of fitness equipment and associated digital solutions. They will provide a complete range of cardio, strength and functional equipment alongside their Mywellness App.

The range of equipment will include;

  • Excite live range of cardiovascular equipment (Run, Synchro, Recline, Top and Climb)
  • Excite live including sessions, routines, outdoor, entertainment and wireless phone charging
  • Full connectivity via the Mywellness App
  • New Technogym Ride bikes
  • The addition of multiple cable stations (Including cable station 12)
  • Selection line resistance (Including more lower body options)
  • Pure Strength plate loaded equipment
  • Multiples of highly utilised pieces of equipment
  • All accessories and attachments
  • 13 half racks and 3 full racks with coloured bumper plates and Olympic barbells
  • Technogym dumbbells
  • Technogym Benches
  • Introduction of Skillrow, Skillrun and Skillmill lines
  • Introduction of the premium and extremely versatile Outrace rig
  • Technogym group cycles

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