Fitness suite and spin room refurbishment

Fitness suite and spin room refurbishment

Find out everything you need to know about the refurbishment.

How we’re improving The Edge

  • Complete upgrade of our cardiovascular and resistance equipment, featuring the latest technology 
  • New layout of the fitness suite to provide more space for resistance and functional training 
  • Improving the environment through the installation of new flooring, lighting and a sound system 
  • Giving the fitness suite and spin studio a fresh look and feel

What do I need to know?

Gym closure

In order for us to complete this work, the fitness suite and spin studio will be temporarily closing from 20 July 2022.

During the refurbishment, we will continue to provide both gym facilities and spin classes in alternative spaces at The Edge.

Some classes will be relocated to Cromer Terrace.

Gym reopening

We plan to reopen both spaces fully in September and will make further update announcements on our website, through our newsletters and social media.


We are dedicated to providing the same level or service as before. An alternate spin studio will be set up in one of the squash courts and some classes will move to the Gryphon Centre.

We are making every effort to stop this from having an adverse effect on your exercise and physical fitness. A stand-alone gym will be set up on the ground floor and we are exploring other options to expand this provision.

We plan to have completed the work in September 2022.

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