Outdoor Adventure – Team Building

Module Code: LEED 2031
Aimed at: Level 2 and 3 students
Module Credits: 10
Teaching Period: Semester 2

Module Summary

This module offers the chance to study both from a theoretical and practical standpoint how individuals consider and approach learning and tasks/problems. It also looks at how effectively (or not) different teams will function by reflecting on their different approaches to learning and problem-solving.

Through a number of taught sessions and practical’s, students will learn various individual and team theories and analyse how well these work in practice.

This Module Will Cover:

  • Introduction and explanation of the Kolb, Belbin, Margerison-McCann, Adair and other theories of individual learning styles and team working.
  • Analysis and interpretation of individual profiles.
  • Practical sessions to test and analyse the above theories using different groups and activities.
  • Organisation of a variety of projects with different time scales and complexity.
  • Introduction of techniques and ways to analyse the effectiveness of group activity and individual participation as it impacts upon the conduct of a group exercise and the accuracy of the results obtained.


This module is assessed in two parts:

  • Group Project and Presentation 30%
  • Reflective Log 70%