AndyAfter a year of planning the Gryphons Abroad team have made it to South Africa!

Project lead Andy Lockwood (right) sums up his excitement and the plan for their days in Eshowe…


We are back and so is the blog, this will be the only one I write… promise!

So after 10 months, countless fundraising events and a lot of hard work we are on our way. The first international sport programme delivered by Leeds Sport.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of all of our nine strong team of Gryphon Abroad students. They have worked so hard to raise awareness and funds for the programme and now is the time they get to pull everything together.

From my experience last year, I know that the team are in for a once in a lifetime experience.

The plan is to deliver a mix of sport, leadership and education in local primary schools in the first week and in the second week we are delivering a brand new learn to cycle programme at Mnyakanya High School.

The programme is packed and I know the benefit to both our students and more importantly our South African friends will be huge!

I am writing this on the bus from Durban Airport to our accommodation in Eshowe. The atmosphere on the bus is electric. The team can now see what we have worked so hard for and I can’t wait!

The travel has been fine, a bit of a mission organising the bags at Manchester but we have done well! Just a bit tired.

With that, we are going to get some food, have a quick team meeting and get to bed.

The real work starts tomorrow.


Find out more about the project and apply to be part of the team for next year on the Gryphons Abroad Webpage.