Participants enjoyed cooking up sweet and savoury vegan dishes in our second food workshop of the term.

On the menu of our Vegan workshop we had Sicilian aubergine stew (Caponata) and raw coconut balls.

Traditionally, the main motivation behind veganism was to prevent animal cruelty and exploitation. The activators leading the session, Ellie and Gabriele, discussed the rise in veganism over recent years and the shift in motivations; many people are now adopting the diet to improve their health and reduce the environmental impact of animal agriculture.

Participants learnt some interesting facts about veganism throughout the workshop. For example, the number of vegans in Great Britain increased four times between 2014-2019 and almost half (42%) of UK vegans made the diet change in 2018.

Participants were informed how they can get the nourishment they need from a plant-based diet and we suggested some easy food swaps to reduce meat intake whilst still consuming a tasty and balanced diet.

Our activator, Gabriele, demonstrated the savoury and sweet dishes before the participants split off into small groups to have a go at cooking the recipes. First up was the raw coconut balls. These are the perfect option any time you’re craving a sweet snack. The balls are quick and easy to make and can be made in a large batch and stored in the fridge or freezer.

Whilst the coconut balls were setting in the freezer, participants prepared the Sicilian stew. This traditional dish can be eaten warm as a side dish or main or cold as an antipasto. The stew combines aubergine and tomatoes seasoned with vinegar, salted capers, onions and green olives.

All participants had the opportunity to tuck into their creations at the end of the workshop whilst chatting with other participants and the team of volunteers and activators.

If you’d like to enhance your cooking skills and nutrition knowledge in a fun and social environment, be sure to come along to our next workshop. Our final workshop of the term is Festive Treats themed and is on Thursday 5th December. We will be making traditional British festive treats and we will learn about different festivities around the globe. Book your place for this workshop now.

To have a go at making the vegan recipes yourself, please go to our Nutrition page.