Get Out, Get Active Virtual Reindeer Run Relay for staff – w/c 30th November

GOGA Reindeer Run Relay for staff – w/c 30th November

96 staff members from across the university campus took part in our Halloween run relay last month making it the largest relay we’ve hosted to date. Team “Hoblin Goblins” took victory with a very impressive team effort. Staff committed to the Halloween fancy dress and we saw devils, pumpkins, witches, vampires and many more scary efforts across the course of the week. One staff member’s fantastic zombie makeup won them a Yorkshire Runner voucher to spend in store.

Our last staff run relay of 2020 is upon us and this time it’s reindeer and winter themed!

Join our 20-minute fun run relay and discover the network of joggers and runners within the University staff community. You don’t have to be a running expert to take part; all abilities are welcome.

The Reindeer Relay rules are simple:

  • Each relay team consists of 6 people. We will allocate you to a team which will be mixed ability – you don’t have to run or jog quickly; the emphasis is on the taking part and having fun! We encourage you to create your own themed team names once you are grouped.
  • The first person from each team then has 24 hours from 00:00 on Monday 30th November to complete a 20-minute run. They post their run time, distance covered and selfies on the Reindeer Run Relay chat in MS Teams to notify their next teammate that they’re up. You can use a fitness tracker to measure your time and run or apps such as Strava or MapMyRun.
  • Once a person has finished their stint, the next person has 24 hours in which to complete their run and post the details on Teams, and so on until all team members have taken part.
  • The team covering the furthest distance overall “wins” the relay.

Please note:

There are some bonuses available to help motivate you and get your team to the finish line.

Individual bonuses:

  • 0.25km bonus for a selfie with a winter themed food or drink item
  • 0.25km bonus for a selfie wearing something associated with the winter season (be it Christmas, other holidays such as Hanukkah or something associated with winter in general)
  • Yorkshire Runner voucher for the best winter themed outfit/costume (shortlist will be judged by the number of likes/reactions on the photo and a poll in the run relay chat will decide final result)

 Team bonuses:

  • 1km bonus for the team that finishes the relay first

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be in the photo if that’s not your thing.

If you’re not yet convinced to take part, have a read of the following quote from a participant of the Halloween Run Relay:

“I wish we had these relays every week! It’s very motivating, and I’ve been really struggling to get out recently – I need the oomph!”

​”I used to go every Tuesday and Thursday on the GOGA runs at lunch, but since lockdown it’s just been a struggle, so these have been a lifesaver!”

At a time of year when we would usually be meeting lots of new people, this is a great chance to virtually “meet” people with a shared interest.

Joining the run relay is easy – please fill in this short form by 10am on Thursday 26th November. You will then be added to the Reindeer Run Relay Teams chat.

If you’ve got any questions, please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you: