“Ashes Run” for Charity!

With the university cricket season cancelled, and cricket off the cards for the majority of summer, we at University of Leeds Men’s and Women’s Cricket Clubs have decided to put our free time to good use and raise money for three brilliant charities:

All three charities are very important to everyone in both clubs and with physical activity being a big part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we have decided to organise an ‘Ashes Run’ to raise as much money as possible for these brilliant causes.

Men's cricket ashes charity run

We will be running the distance between the five Ashes 2019 cricket grounds; a total distance of 913km! This will be covered by around 40 runners over the course of a 5-day test match. Many of the runners in UoLMCC & UOLWCC have taken the decision to run at least 5km of the challenge in full cricket kit. To any non-cricketers out there this means running 5km in pads, thigh pads, gloves, helmet and a bat.

As a club our original aim for fundraising was £1500, however we smashed that before we had even begun the challenge. Therefore, we’ve doubled our original target and are now aiming to raise more £3000 for charity and have passed £2000 (as of 14 May).

mens cricket charity ashes run

The run began on 13 May and we completed 282km with over 100km being done in pads, however we are not alone in this challenge and have managed to get 12 other university cricket teams to complete the distance alongside us, hopefully raising even more money for charity in the process.

You can keep up to date with our progress @uolmcc or @uolwcc on Instagram and @LUUMCC or @UOLWCC on twitter. Please donate what you can and support us on social media for these great causes.