Healthy Week

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Healthy Week 2016

18th-24th April

Healthy Week is a University of Leeds and Leeds University Union initiative, aiming to encourage both staff and students to discover new ways of improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and state of mind.

Take a look at the programme

Take a look at this year’s Healthy Week programme.

There’s something for everyone; from indoor cycling classes (for just £1!) to Managing Stress Workshops (free!).

Take a look through the programme and find something that turns your bad habits into good habits!

Take Up Something New

The Staff Centre Choir rehearse every week and regularly play at the Staff Festival and other events.

“After recently joining the staff choir I am enjoying it immensely and look forward to it every week. It has extended my knowledge and helped improve my singing technique. There is something very rewarding about singing in a smaller choir with work colleagues. The Staff Choir is also extremely fortunate to have such a positive, enthusiastic and expert music director!”

During Healthy Week there will be open rehearsals for the Staff Centre Choir so why not go along and give it a go!

Rehearsals are on Tuesday 19th April, if you would like to attend email or call ext. 34161. You could be singing at the next Staff Festival.

University staff choir singing

Top Tips For Managing Stress

woman looking stressed with folders in front of her

Stop and notice! It’s important you recognise when your body shows signs that you’re feeling stressed, not just in your mind but the physiological signs too. Then it’s vital that you know how to manage it.

  • Take a Break– breathe, write down what’s bothering you and change mode e.g. go for a walk or sit quietly.
  • Seek Support– from a manager, colleague, friend or family member.
  • Feeling Confident-remind yourself of and use things that help you feel competent.
  • Break It Down– if you have a large project to complete break it down in to smaller more manageable pieces.

Learn more about recognising and managing stress during Healthy Week. We have workshops on Monday (staff only) and Tuesday (students only). Take a look at the full programme (opens new PDF) for more details.

Spend Less Time In The Gym

Mike Potter, personal trainer at The Edge has some recommendations for keeping your workouts short but effective.

  • Interval Training– Keep your workouts short and snappy with Interval Training, it burns more calories, makes you fitter and is fun and challenging!
  • Improve your performance– make sure you’re progressing your workout routine by focussing on improving your performance to keep get the best results, e.g. increase your weights or run at a faster speed.
  • Take a Break– are you working out too much? Sometimes excess exercise can hinder your progress, take a week off to recover once in a while.
  • Recover– Stretching and foam rolling is a great way to relax, de-stress and help your body to recover from exercise. Make sure you fit this into your workout.

You can use the fantastic gym facilities in The Edge throughout the whole of Healthy Week for just £1*. Take a look at the full programme for more details.

*Available at the following times: 6.30 – 8.30am, 12.30 – 2pm and 4.30 – 6pm.

people training at The Edge gym in a blurred image
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