Gryphons Go Programmes Privacy Notice

This Notice explains how the University will collect and use your personal data under Gryphons Go programme. For the purposes of data protection law, the University will be the “data controller” for using your personal data under Social Sport. This means if you were unclear, the University is the party collecting and using your data.

From 25 May 2018, the University shall process your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (or GDPR for short). This Notice complies with requirements under both DPA and GDPR.

Where does the University get your personal data from?

You will be asked to provide personal data when you register your child for a camp. You may also be invited to subscribe to newsletters or other activities throughout through this registration. When you are required to provide personal data the uses of this data will be explained at the point of collection.

Categories of personal data being processed

The University will collect and process the information you have provided and will link to records held by the University. Specifically, this will include name, age, medical conditions and allergies, ability to swim, parental name, email and emergency phone contact. It is recognised that some of the information being processed is particularly sensitive and falls within the definition of “sensitive data” under DPA and “special category data” under GDPR. None of the data that would identify you will be shared with any third party. The data will be analysed using methods appropriate to qualitative and quantitative methods such as thematic coding and statistical analysis respectively. During the process of analysing your data we will need to retain information that will identify you. However, any analysis produced that is to be put in the public domain or widely more shared within the University outside of the research team the data will be anonymised.

The purposes for which the University process your personal data and the legal basis for that processing

The University will process your data for the purpose of ensuring safe delivery of the camp through group of children and understanding the specific requirements of each child on the camp. We will also be evaluating the impact of the number of children who engage in our camps Reports will be given to internal and external partners. It is also possible that we might give presentations and publish our findings.

Who might the University share your data with?

The University will not share your personal data with third parties. Anonymised, statistical data that has been aggregated will be used in publications, presentations and written reports.

Unwanted communication

The University will, from time to time, communicate with you by email and telephone. If, at any stage, you are concerned about the content of these communications, please use the unsubscribe option. You can still participate in the programmes even if you do not want to receive communications form us. If you are unsuccessful in unsubscribing from our communications and/or remain concerned, please contact our Data Protection Officer.

Retention periods

The University will retain your personal data for three years from the academic year of your last participation in un-anonymised format, after which anonymised data will be held indefinitely.

Your rights as a data subject

The University thought it would be helpful to set out your rights under GDPR. You have the right to:

• withdraw consent where that is the legal basis of our processing;
• access your personal data that the University process;
• rectify inaccuracies in personal data that the University hold about you;
• be forgotten, that is your details to be removed from systems that the University use to process your personal data;
• restrict the processing in certain ways;
• obtain a copy of your data in a commonly used electronic form; and
• object certain processing of your personal data by us.

Please see Information Commissioner’s Office for further information on the above rights. You may also contact the Data Protection Officer for further information.

You have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office about the way in which the University process your personal data.

Legal basis for processing your data under GDPR

The University will be relying upon the ground of consent (indicated below) as the legal basis for processing your personal data.

Concerns and contact details

If you have any concerns with regard to Gryphons Go activities please contact Rachel Harrison at

If you have any concerns about the way your personal data is being processed or have a query with regard to this Notice, please contact our Data Protection Officer, Rebecca Messenger-Clark at

Our general postal address is University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK.

Our postal address for data protection issues is University of Leeds, Room 11.72 EC Stoner Building, Leeds, LS2 9JT.

Our telephone number is +44 (0)113 2431751.

Our data controller registration number provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office is Z553814X.

You confirm your consent to the above by clicking “Submit” on registration.