Introductory and cohort building programs for groups using outdoor activities and team building tasks.

Great For: Staff Groups, Undergraduate Groups, New Teams, all levels of physical ability.


Our discovery programmes are accessible, affordable and extremely versatile. We come to you, and deliver activities and academic content designed to engage and develop your team. We use a range of modern team building equipment as well as more traditional games and activities. We can also facilitate adventurous activities such as climbing, caving, hill walking and kayaking.

We also employ the latest mobile app technology to provide interactive, self-guided local journeys, allowing participants to discover key places they may need for their specific academic or work responsibilities as part of an induction or refresher, follow a treasure hunt in small teams or combine the two for a truly immersive digital orienteering experience.

We can develop bespoke maps based on the locations our partners wish to visit, and then design a suitable route between them. Each location can be populated with a specific question that participants have to answer. We recommend that this activity is done in small groups, which encourages interaction and team building.