It’s been a great term 2 here at Get Out, Get Active with our walking, running and climbing programme launching again during the wonderful Fresh Start Festival at the end of January and then continuing right up until the end of term with exciting trips, collaborations and experiences aplenty. Read on for our GOGA term 2 round-up in full.

In term 2, 912 of you have joined us across 20 walks, 8 Tuesday runs and 12 climbing sessions from locations across the Lake District, Peak District, North Welsh Coast and the Yorkshire Dales and Coast.

We have had some exciting collaborations with LUU and the University Buddy Scheme which have included some great local walks around Meanwood and Woodhouse Ridge too.

To round-up our activities, all together, we have travelled just over 2400 miles across the North of England and Wales and have completed approximately 3900 miles of walking and exploring some of the most beautiful landscapes, towns and villages on offer.

What’s next?

You can catch up on our adventures from Term 1 by following our InstagramFacebookTwitter and our Get Out, Get Active Facebook Photo Community, where you can post any photos from any trips you’ve been on with us.

We would like to give a massive thank you to everyone who has participated in our activities and we look forward to seeing you again after the spring break when our exciting term 3 activities start, which will be posted here.

We would like to give extra thanks to our marvellous volunteers and activators for all their hard work and effort leading trips over the semester!