Today was the first day of our week at Gratton School. Joining us at Gratton were children from Holy Child School, Little Flower School and John Wesley School. The children were all taught a leadership session, a classroom lesson and a sport lesson. 

The day started off with the leadership lesson which was centered around planning. The children were taught the importance of planning when teaching a lesson and took part in various games which encouraged them to discuss planning and how things could be done differently.

Afterwards, the students taught a classroom lesson, with each school receiving a lesson based around a differing subject. Izzy taught her school about creative writing; Charlie taught her school about memory and different types of learning which they could apply to their studies; Sofia taught her class about the Tudors and finally India taught her class about the history of art.Children being taught netball skills in south africa

Finally, each school took part in a netball session. This focused on both passing and footwork. The children were given drills which practiced their chest and shoulder passing. After they had got the hang of passing, they progressed onto practicing their footwork and pivoting. A final drill was done which incorporated both the passing and footwork which had been practiced throughout the session.

The day finished by bringing all of the children together and organising six games of netball. We played a mini tournament, with the winning team moving round to play another team.

A really good first day!

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