Westfield Health British Transplant Games are on the way to Leeds!

British Transplant Games

On the 16 June 2020 Leeds welcomed the Westfield Health British Transplant Games, as it is announced that the event, organised on behalf of the charity Transplant Sport, will take place in venues across the city from 5-8 August 2021. Leeds is already warming up for the Games and has shown its support with a […]

Vegetarian enchiladas with tomato sauce & double cheese

vegetarian enchiladas

Kate Petty, from the Health and Wellbeing team, shares a tasty vegetarian enchiladas recipe. These vegetarian enchiladas make a delicious meal for both meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Filled with vegetables, kidney beans, meat free mince and topped with tomato sauce, double cheese and baked until golden, this Mexican classic won’t leave you going hungry! […]

Flourless dark chocolate, raspberry jam and peanut butter brownies

gluten free brownies recipe

Containing absolutely no flour and topped with delicious raspberry jam and peanut butter, you’ll struggle to stop eating these tasty brownies. And the good news is that they don’t take long to make! Flourless dark chocolate, raspberry jam and peanut butter brownies Prep time: 15 mins Cooking time: 25-30 mins, until firm on the outside but still […]

Frozen yoghurt bark

frozen yoghurt bark recipe

Kate Petty, from the Health and Wellbeing team, shares a refreshing and healthy snack for you to try. This frozen yoghurt bark takes just a matter of minutes to make and is a refreshing light snack for you to enjoy whenever you feel like it! It’s especially good on a warm summer day. Frozen yoghurt […]

Planning your bike routes in and around Leeds

planning your bike routes

Many people are using this time to get out on their bike. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a complete beginner, you always need to plan your cycling route. The Bike Hub have provided some resources to help you get out and about on a bike in Leeds and beyond. Travel planning Besides Google Maps, […]

Easy homemade flatbreads (no yeast)

easy no yeast flatbreads

Kate Petty from the Health and Wellbeing team shares another savoury recipe with you. Here is a super quick and easy flatbread recipe that contains no yeast. Perfect for having with tzatziki for a Greek themed night or dipping into a curry if you fancy an Indian! Easy homemade flatbreads Prep time: 5 mins + […]

Homemade fruity granola

homemade granola

This homemade crunchy granola is easy to make, packed full of fruit and is a much healthier option than any you’ll see on the supermarket aisles. Give it a try this Healthy Week and have for breakfast or a snack. Homemade fruity granola Prep time: 10 mins Cooking time: 50 mins or until golden brown […]

Protein pancakes

easy protein pancakes

Kate Petty, from the Health and Wellbeing team, shares a simple protein pancake recipe. Fancy treating yourself to pancakes but still want to hit your protein goals? These protein pancakes are the perfect way to kick start your day. They’re easy to make and can be topped with anything you have in the kitchen- from […]