Today was our last day at Mnyakanya High School. A total of 29 people can now ride a bike to varying degrees, with the majority getting practice out on the road before the end of the day which was fantastic!

We started off the day with our usual games and then split off into our groups. The beginners group which I had the pleasure of teaching managed to all peddle the bikes independently and we had fun learning about the local culture and their way of life along the way. After lunch we had the majority of the group learn how to fix bike brakes – to add to their repertoire of mechanical skills. Moreover, six of the group are now fully trained to build a bike!boy fixing bike

The day ended as the trip began with singing and dancing, but came to an emotional end as we said goodbye. Hopefully one day all the children will be able to ride their own bike and use the skills we taught them to provide more ease of opportunity. Even if only in travelling to school to gain an easier education!

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