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ASA Level 2 Teaching Aquatics

CPD Integrating Autism into mainstream lessons

CPD Aquatics in the National Curriculum



Every Sunday since I was 4 months old my dad would take me swimming, from there I completed all my swimming badges, joined a swimming club and competed to county level, became a pool assistant, a Lifeguard and finally a Level 2 Swimming Teacher and I have never looked back. I worked at multiple swimming schools a day to achieve my dream career.

I have used swimming in different ways through my life taking part in 4 years of Swimathon, raising money for charity, using it as a way of channelling negative energy and keeping fit.

I have always been passionate about giving every child and adult the opportunity to learn to swim that I had. To be confident in the water and to most importantly enjoy it.

Knowing that I have the ability to teach someone a life skill is something I am very proud of and seeing someone achieving something for the first time always makes me smile and feel so rewarded.