City of Leeds Swimming Club


 The City of Leeds is widely known as one of Great Britain’s most successful swim clubs. The partnership between The City of Leeds Swim Club and The University of Leeds allows student swimmers access to fantastic facilities, coaching and open meets throughout the year.

The City of Leeds Swim Club is Yorkshire’s number one swim club with swimmers competing at both national and international level. The coaching is delivered by experience ASA-qualified coaches at John Charles Centre for Sport; a world class facility. The City of Leeds is known as one of Great Britain’s most successful swim clubs with a rich history of success; home to the 1988 Seoul Olympic Gold Medalist Adrian Moorhouse.

The link between the University and The City of Leeds Swim Club was formed with the aim to provide competitive swimmers at University with the opportunity to benefit from the first-class training that The City of Leeds Swim Club offer, whilst still being able to pursue a respected degree.

Students with a joint membership between the two institutions attend the training sessions at The City of Leeds, giving them access to ten swimming training sessions a week and a further six strength and conditioning sessions a week.

The partnership between the two institutions also provides the students with eligibility to compete in all of the open meets in Leeds throughout the year. For more information on upcoming meets, see the City of Leeds Swim Club website.


From September, University of Leeds will be offering a combined membership. This will allow the individual access all of the benefits of a University Swim Club and compete of behalf of the University whilst also enabling them to enter a number of open meets held throughout the year through the City of Leeds Swim Club.

New Scholarship

From this academic year, a new scholarship will be available to elite swimmers at The University of Leeds. Four nominated individuals will be offered a valuable scholarship which will include membership to both the University and The City of Leeds Swim Club, all training, strength and conditioning and kit.