My name is Jessica McCarrick. I’m 20 years old and study Fashion Marketing. This is the story of our first day in South Africa and the beginning of the cycling training.

With the rise of our first South African sun, the group felt the daunting task creeping slowly upon us. The group’s energy was high as months of fundraising and preparation was finally coming to fruition. Arriving at the school, we were met with sheer enthusiasm and applause – a warm welcome if ever there was one. It perfectly set the tone for a day filled with laughter and learning. We were treated to a tour, then quickly began warming up on the field. The children were eager to grab a bike and go, making our jobs a lot easier. After a quick safety talk, they hopped onto a bike and began their journey in learning to ride.


Gryphons Abroad Student helping child to ride a bikeThe biggest achievement of the day was giving the students a solid understanding in preparation for the rest of the week’s cycling training. Every child got on a bike with confidence and they all improved. Progression as the week goes on will certainly be down to their dedication. It was truly heart warming to see.

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