World Book Day Inspirations

World Book Day is all about celebrating what you’ve been reading and encouraging us all to pick up a book. That’s why our Uni Girls Can team have joined up with the Get Out, Get Active ladies to share some of their favourite books!


books on a shelf Recent research discovered young girls are increasingly viewing themselves as less confident and capable compared to young boys. Leading experts have suggested that one great way to get young girls to feel empowered is through inspiring literature that encourages them to be proactive and confident. This is why we think reading is so important, so go out and pick up a book today, perhaps one of our favourites!


Another great source of book recommendations comes from Emma Watson who is truly leading the way as an international, inspirational woman through her work with the UN. She’s created a fantastic book community group, Our Shared Shelf, where she picks monthly books for women to read with a real range of genres.

Pick up that book today and feel inspired!


Our Favourite Books

Olivia (Uni Girls Can Activator)

One of Olivia’s favourite books is How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran.

“It’s funny, witty and so very relatable. Moran does not beat around the bush as she delves into all the aspects, expectations and stereotypes of being a woman. Most of all she encourages women to be proactive, confident and happy. One of my favourite moments is when she tells you to stand on a chair and declare yourself a feminist. What’s not fantastically crazy about that? She also showcased her own insecurities when she was younger, and that vulnerability made me really connect”.

Olivia UGC activator


Sarah (Uni Girls Can Activator)

One of Sarah’s favourite books series is the Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix.

“There are just so many layers to them and the detail is so high, it’s a totally different world. I would absolutely die if they made movies out of them but they probably couldn’t do them justice. They are very fantasy – magically, but I love that, coming to think of it, I think in each of the three main books the main character is a heroine, which might be why I liked them so much.”

Jennie (GOGA – Walking Activator)

One of Jennie’s favourite books is Eat, Sweat and Play by Anna Kessel.

“It changes the whole view of women in sport, and it looks at sports at a different perspective from what society is trying to make it. Sport is sport, an empowering action, not a fashionable insta hashtag”.

Jennie GOGA activator


Antonia (GOGA – Walking Activator)

Antonia’s favourite book is The Brothers Lionheart by Astrid Lindgren.

“I was inspired by the heroism of the younger brother in overcoming his fears and fighting for those he loves.”

Louise (GOGA – Climbing Activator)

Louise’s favourite books are the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman.

“The main character is feisty, brave and adventurous girl called Lyra.

What’s not to love about a go-getter female?”

Heather (GOGA – Running Activator)

One of Heather’s favourite books is Bridget Jones by Helen Fielding.

“A strong and sassy female who reminds me it’s OK to not fit societal norms or expectations. She shows that there is always fun to be had in life and that it is never too late to mix things up a bit”.

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The Uni Girls Can programme has now come to a close but you can learn more about Get Out, Get Active on our web-page.