by Patrick Craig

Welcome to our new blog!

A lot of people perhaps don’t realise how much we offer through Leeds Sport. It’s far more than just the BUCS Wednesdays that people normally associate with university sport. We look after social leagues and Get Out, Get Active programmes, events such as Varsity, Christie, Alumni and the Sports Colours ball, then there’s your strength & conditioning training and physiotherapy, not to mention the leadership and volunteer opportunities including our incredible Gryphons Abroad programme which heads all the way to South Africa. And that’s just the beginning.

To make all of this happen, we’ve got an impressive staff team across both the University and the Students Union, who as a result are full of useful advice, skills, and interesting anecdotes. On top of that, we have more tips on sport and physical activity than Mo Farrar has run miles!

So how can we best share this wealth of knowledge with you all? Leeds Sport blogs is how. Each month (or there about’s) we’ll be bringing you a new blog, so sit back and enjoy the read.


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