Personal Trainers’ Twitter Takeover!

Twitter Takeover

Last Tuesday our team of Personal Trainers took over the @TheEdgeLeeds Twitter account to give our followers tips and tricks on staying healthy!

Here’s a selection of the advice from our top team…


1. Never skip breakfast

Grab a quick, healthy breakfast like peanut or almond butter and banana sandwich on wholegrain bread. Or half a whole wheat pita stuffed with chopped hard boiled egg, shredded carrot and diced red and green pepper.

If time is an issue then simply boil 2 eggs the night before and just peel and eat them the next morning.

2. Pack a nutritious, satisfying lunch

Being on the go shouldn’t mean for going food. Don’t starve yourself at lunch, it will only lead to overeating later. You need about one-third of the servings you require from each macronutrient category (Carbohydrates Proteins and Fats).

Examples of these are, Pasta salad, stuffed pita sandwich with tuna, chicken breast, salad etc.

3. Choose healthy dine out options

When eating out it’s all about the portion sizes. Don’t be afraid to ask how certain dishes are cooked and the size of the portion. Don’t feel compelled to clean your plate. You can always ask to take the rest home for lunch the next day.

4. Plan ahead

Make big batches of food and freeze them, so you can grab and go!  Stock up on nutritious on the good foods like apples, oranges, low fat yogurt, raw nuts, raisins and other dried fruit. Most people eat junk food because it’s convenient, but they’ll often choose healthier options it it’s made available.

5. Keep track of calories

If you have a smartphone use an app if you can, it’s very useful for calculating your calorie intake. Just be aware of how many calories your eating on a regular basis, get to know what’s in your food by increasing your knowledge.

6. Always read the labels

Stopping at convenience stores can lead to unhealthy choices. Try to remember that some pre-packaged foods may look like a single serving but actually contain multiple servings. Again if you plan this shouldn’t be a big issue.


Want more advice on staying healthy?

Our expert Personal Trainers are here to help!