Gryphons Student Sport Conference 2015


The first Student Sport Conference at the University of Leeds will be held on Thursday the 24th September.


The conference aims to inspire students to reach their potential through sport and will have 3 key themes;


  • Reaching Your Potential-Workshops in this theme will focus on performance sport and how to develop performance both individually and in your clubs.


  • Health and Wellbeing – Workshops in this theme will focus on participation and how students can get involved in physical activity at the University. This will include talks on This Girl Can and Get Out, Get Active.


  • Broadening Skills and Horizons – Workshops in this theme will focus on the role sport can play on personal development and employability. This will include practical activities linked to volunteering and community work.


The conference is open to all students studying at the University of Leeds and is FREE of charge.


Register Your Interest

To register your interest and to receive more information about the conference please complete the online form.