Run the Loop Goes Virtual!

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic and following guidance from both the Government and England Athletics it is no longer appropriate or possible to deliver Run The Loop as a mass participation event. So it is with regret that we must inform runners that this years event has now been cancelled.

However, in these times, exercise is more important than ever and here at the University of Leeds we wanted to provide people with an opportunity to engage in a communal event that follows the Government’s guidelines of social distancing. So we have created “Run The Virtual Loop” as a replacement.


So what is a virtual running event?

A virtual race is a race that can be run (or walked) from any location you choose. You can run, jog, or walk on the road, on the trail or on the treadmill. You get to run your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself.


When can I do it and how far do I need to run?

To respect social distancing and to ensure that we do not have hundreds of runners all out on the same day, we have set a week window between Monday 18th May and Sunday 24th May for runners to complete their run and submit evidence to us. For this virtual event, we are setting the distance as 7km. Why 7km? We figured that it isn’t a usual race distance, so at least everyone will be able to bag a PB!


What do you mean by evidence and where do I send it?

To get the medal and for us to be able to draw up a set of results, we need to know that you have completed the challenge. We take evidence in many forms; a photo from your watch showing time and distance or a screenshot from your running app (strava, map my run etc) for example.

You then need to send it to us via email ( by Wednesday 27th May.


That’s great! What about some bling?

We have 100 places available for this event and we have a very special medal lined up! Featuring the Run the Loop branding and a special addition that will allow you to toast your running feat. All entrants will be featured on a leader-board so you can see how you fared! Images will be released closer to the event. All medals will be posted out to participants in early June.


How does this fit with the government guidance?

Current advice is to continue exercising in the open air, on your own, a minimum of 2 meters away from other people and no more than once per day. For more information on the coronavirus please visit the NHS website and keep yourself abreast of government recommendations on how to protect yourself.


All sounds good – How much does it cost and where do I enter?

Run The Virtual Loop has a set cost of £10. This is to cover the cost of the medal, administration and postage costs. Any remaining profit will be donated to the University of Leeds International Sports Development Project – Gryphons Abroad. We have set up a new entry page with our good friends at Racebest.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or need any further details please contact the Run The Loop team.