Children aged 3+


ASA Level 1 + 2 Teaching Aquatics


After spending most days in the pool on holiday every year, I developed a deep love for swimming from about the age of 2 years old. In primary school, I decided to join a swim club and instantly fell in love with training and developing my strokes. This led me on to compete in galas at a national level up until the age of 16 when I decided to become a lifeguard and managed to do this at the London 2012 Olympics. From here, I completed my level 1 and level 2 teaching qualifications and have loved it ever since.

As swimming and being around the pool played such a big part in my life and gave me so many amazing opportunities, I am passionate about passing that on to other people and showing them how fun being in the pool can be. Through my teaching experience, I believe anyone is capable of learning and developing their skills in the water whilst having a lot of fun doing it!