Outdoor Adventure – Mapping & Navigation

Module Code: LEED 2030
Aimed at: Level 2 & 3 students
Module Credits: 10
Teaching Period: Semester 1

Module Summary

This module introduces the topic of mapping. Exploring maps and mapping techniques from the roman period through to modern equipment. We will examine what maps do and look at the sociological aspects to map design. There will be practical opportunities to develop your navigation skills, through two full day workshops based around Leeds.

This Module Will Cover:

  • Historical mapping techniques from plane tabling to the use of satellites;
  • Map projections;
  • Scales;
  • Interpretation, limitation and deliberate falsification;
  • National map producers and their markets;
  • Practical in the making and developing of maps;
  • Navigation in the field;
  • Sociology of Mapping, the power of maps to make us think in certain ways.


This module is assessed in two parts:

  • 2,000 word Reflective Log (50%)
  • 1,000 word Map Production Task (50%)

Module Delivery:

Due to COVID-19, teaching and assessment activities are being kept under review – see module enrolment pages for information

Additional Support:

Support will be available through materials on Minerva, peer support via collaborate and academic support through tutorials.