Module Code: LEED 2300
Aimed at: Level 2 & 3 students
Module Credits: 20
Teaching Period: Across both semester 1 & 2 (September – May)

Module Summary
Are you seeking to enhance your CV and are you undertaking projects or activities to improve your employability?

Graduate Skills for Professional Development is a 20 credit module that recognises the contribution that you make to the University and society formally, and through a variety of activities supports and enhances that experience. You may be a committee member of a society, teaching English to asylum seekers, or running your own business – any of these types of activity can form the basis of your module ‘placement’.

Supporting your focus activity, you undertake an agreed training package, deliver your activity and use this as a focus for identifying, developing and reflecting upon the employability skills that you gain from this experience, and are exposed to some of the ethical issues surrounding participation, leadership and volunteering.

This Module Will Cover:

  • How to undertake a reflective log
  • How to deliver an activity in a teaching/coaching/leading/volunteering context
  • How to deliver appropriate first aid
  • Child protection and the handling of potential issues
  • Ethical issues surrounding the teaching and coaching of activities, leadership and volunteering


This module is assessed in two parts:

  • Essay 40%
  • Reflective Log 60%