The Gryphons Abroad team reflect on their time at Gratton school and students sing the Scottish National Anthem, with ALL the words…

Jade Lord

So today was our final day at Gratton with all the children. I had my curriculum lesson to deliver in the afternoon which I was feeling quite apprehensive about. The first two activities which consisted of tag rugby and leadership were fantastic; although my team were slightly reluctant to begin with, they soon began to get involved and they especially took a shine to the leadership task!GA Tag

It was evident the three days that we had been at the school had really had a positive impact on all the children. My highlight of the day was actually my lesson! It was great to see that all the children really wanted to learn about the body and in particular the muscles and bones, they asked so many questions which made me feel like I had kind of inspired them in a way. Overall, it was an emotional day for me especially towards the end.

Trying to reflect upon the day proved a challenge as I couldn’t put into words how fantastic our time with the children had been.

It was awesome to see all the children so enthusiastic and although they were sad to see us go, the impact we had was something I will take home with me and remember as a high point of my time in South Africa.

The last day at Gratton school was full of ups and downs. At first I was doubtful about how the rugby would go down with kids who had never played before, however once we got going the untainted enthusiasm of the kids prevailed. The activities were fantastic and a particular highlight for me was when we set the kids the task of creating and leading their own game. While they presented their games we really saw how the leadership sections of the week had taken effect. The kids were confident, aware, imaginative and they included all aspects of being a good leader.GA Kids Outside A low point in the day for me was saying goodbye as we have created such special bonds with all the kids. Even though it came to an end the whole three days have definitely had a huge positive effect on us and the kids.

Ellie McKeating

The final day at School. Today I led a curriculum lesson on Chemistry and the kids did not disappoint! Each group had to present a subject to the rest of the class, this required team work, confidence and leadership. As it was the final day, expectations were high and the kids were absolutely brilliant. They used their many skills, talents and charisma and all presented their topics exceedingly well. The rest of the day was brilliant, at the end of the day we had a presentation and each child received a Gryphons Abroad certificate and Sports Leadership award certified by Sports Leader UK. GA CertificatesWe had a whole School photo and ended with some singing from the children, including the Scottish National Anthem (the whole song, every single word) much to Eamonn’s pleasure! We received hugs, thanks and goodbyes from the children and this day is something I will never forget.

Andy Lockwood – Project Leader

It’s hard to put the last three days into words. Over the last eight months, I have had an image in my mind of how the project will look and how the team will perform. It is fair to say that not only have they met those expectations but far exceeded them.

I have seen them grow and develop through the interaction with the children we have worked with and that has been brilliant to see. As well as that, the impact that they have had on the children they have worked with is huge. Whether it be through coaching, teaching or leading the growth and personal development of our South African learners is been pretty impressive. The have thoroughly enjoyed their experience and it is definitely something that will live long in the memory of everyone.

Bring on the bikes!