We complete our second round of Menopause workshops this week. Alongside the wonderful variety of sessions which include Pilates, Yoga, Foam rolling for Joint Pain and Strength training, we have added an additional workshop centred upon Nutrition. The interest in the Menopause Toolkit Workshops has grown across the University. The wonderful news is that thanks to the Enhancing Research Culture committee, we now have funding to run these workshops Free of Charge until July 2024.  

Michelle, Assistant Operations Manager for Fitness at The Edge, set up Menopause Toolkit Workshops after dealing with perimenopause herself. Michelle’s passion is to help people manage their symptoms through exercise. 

Menopuase Toolkit Creator, Michelle Smith

“Having experienced early menopause after treatment for Oestrogen Positive breast cancer, I have made it my goal to help people going through the same life affecting symptoms. Menopause affects more than half the population and I feel we should remove the taboo regarding discussing symptoms and their effects on daily working life.” 

World Menopause Day

Wednesday 18th Oct was World Menopause Day. As part of this day Michelle worked alongside Barbara Macpherson, Associate Professor Clinical Education and Bernadette Hardware from the Health & Wellbeing Team as part of a full day of educational events regarding the Menopause. This included Meno-pause for Thought Cafes, Lightning talks from Medical students about their experience of the Menopause education in their training. Michelle was also part of a discussion sharing information about the Toolkit Workshops. The University are doing lots of different things to help educate people about Menopause and the many symptoms it has.

Transformative impact on wellbeing 

At The Edge, we aim to create a supportive community that addresses diverse wellness needs. As a testament to our impact, individuals who took part in our Menopause Toolkit Workshops have shared their experiences. Highlighting the effect they have had on their lives.

Menopause Toolkit Participant in spin class

“I really like the relaxing yoga that at the same time allows me to stretch my body and train my muscles. The flow is great, Gerry is very skilful in bringing the calmness and solidity to my body.”

“To feel seen and to feel like we are still relevant at our age and stage is huge. We are often left by the wayside when it comes to support for fitness and gym classes at our age, so personally this has helped me mentally as well as physically.”

“After Yoga yesterday, my legs/knees were so much better than usual. I was able to walk upstairs at home normally and pain free! It’s unbelievable and I can still feel the benefit of it today.”  

When is the next course running?

We have two eight week courses running simultaneously from 31 January. One course every Wednesday from 31 January – 20 March at 5:10pm-6:15pm and one every Thursday from 1 February – 21 March at 1:15pm – 2:20pm. Sessions will be held at The Edge across our studios. The course will be free!

To book on contact Michelle Smith at m.smith2@leeds.ac.uk.