Over the past year or so, you may have noticed ‘Leeds Sport’ and ‘Leeds Gryphon’s’ appearing around campus. So who are we, what do we do and where have we come from? 


What is Leeds Sport?

Leeds Sport is the partnership between the University of Leeds and Leeds University Union to deliver sport at Leeds. The Leeds Sport team was formed in 2014 with the aim of working together to provide a world-class sporting experience for our students and staff.

Vision: To be the number one provider of higher education sport and physical activity experience in the UK.

What’s with The Gryphon?

Ever looked closely at the University Crest? Perched on top you’ll find a gryphon; the head and wings of an eagle on the body and tail of a lion. At Leeds everyone who’s involved in sport, including our supporters, is known as a Gryphon, and the clubs representing the University in BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) are known as the  ‘Leeds Gryphons’.University of Leeds Crest

How do I fit in?

Whether you want to coach, volunteer, play socially or compete at the highest level, Leeds Sport has a breadth of opportunities for you. There are four areas within Leeds Sport which cover whatever you’re interested in, from total beginner to elite athlete. Find out about them below:

1. Gryphon Performance

man running in varsity event

Become a Leeds Gryphon by representing the University of Leeds in one of our 60+ clubs.
If you’re an elite athlete our Sport Scholarship Programme will support you to achieve both sporting and academic excellence, following in the footsteps of our world-class alumni such as Alistair and Jonny Brownlee.

2. Gryphon Leadership

two stidents playing with child in south africa

Develop new skills for the real world with our leadership and student professional development programmes and our coach education courses. Become a sport activator or volunteer as well as getting involved in our Gryphons Abroad International project in South Africa.

3. Gryphon Social

girl practicing boxing smiling

Have fun at Leeds! Team up with your mates and join our weekly Social Leagues or meet our Get Out, Get Active team and have a go at a something new while exploring Yorkshire. 

4. Gryphon Events

Crowd at Leeds Varsity

Sport is more than just playing. Each year we add to your University experience by bringing you some of the biggest and best sporting events across the country including our infamous Varsity series against Leeds Beckett University where over 15,500 students attend the finale event at Headingley Carnegie Stadium, what’s not to love?

To find out more about Leeds Sport, head to our ‘About’ page where you can also meet the team to find out who does what.