After the success of our first Gryphons Virtual Relay, we’re hosting another one, this time with a festive twist. 35 teams signed up last time, meaning over 200 people took part! The collective total distance ran was 950km – let’s see if we can beat that this time round. 

Event Overview

Clubs enter a team of 6 to run a virtual relay race. Clubs can enter multiple teams if they have lots of people interested in taking part. Register your team by 5pm on Thursday 10th December.

The first person from each team has 24 hours from 00:00 on Monday 14th December to complete a 20-minute run.  

They post their run time, distance covered and festive selfies in the Gryphons Festive Fun Run Facebook Group, to notify their next teammate that they’re up.

You can take a screenshot or send a link from your chosen app (e.g. strava) or a picture of your smart watch screen is fine as well. 

Once a person has finished their stint, the next person has 24 hours in which to complete their run and post the details in the Facebook group, and so on until all team members have taken part. 

The team covering the furthest distance overall “wins” the relay. 


There are bonuses which give teams extra distance, for example: 

  • 0.25km bonus for a selfie wearing something associated with the winter season (whether that’s Christmas, Hanukkah or something associated with winter in general) for example, a bobble hat, christmas jumper, snow boots etc.
  • 0.25km for the best festive themed team name
  • 1km bonus for the team that finishes the relay first, 0.8km bonus for the team that finishes 2nd, 0.6km for 3rd, 0.4km for 4th, 0.2km for 5th.

Safety Guidance

  1. Please be mindful of the current rules on social distancing when completing your run & take extra care when passing other pedestrians. Be respectful of the need for social distancing (current guidelines 1 metre plus) and acknowledge that people are a bit anxious at the moment and may be startled by someone running towards them at full speed.  
  2. If your route involves crossing roads please take extra care and slow down. It will only cost you a few seconds to stay safe.  
  3. If running after dark stick to well lit, public routes and wear a bright colour or high vis to ensure you can be seen by vehicles. 

*Please don’t pause your activity trackers, we want the event to be fun and fair. Use the elapsed time to track your run.

Happy Running!