The Edge has taken the leap towards a greener future by implementing a series of sustainable practices. From an energy-efficient swimming pool and producing our own chlorine to eco-friendly marketing materials. We aim to set an example of how fitness centres can be more sustainable.

At The Edge, we are fortunate to have Magali Massip, our dedicated Sustainability Architect. Magali’s unwavering commitment is instrumental in ensuring that our operations align with sustainable practices. Here are some of the initiatives we have undertaken to foster a greener environment.

Diving into sustainable waters

At The Edge, we take pride in producing chlorine on site using salt. This on-site production method offers significant environmental advantages by eliminating the need for long-distance transportation. Additionally, it reduces reliance on large-scale factory production, which consumes substantial energy and materials. By producing chlorine on site, we can optimize the quantity to match our specific requirements, minimizing wastage effectively.

Pool at The Edge

To maintain efficient water usage, we prioritize consistent air and water temperatures in the pool at all times. By avoiding fluctuations in the pool temperature, we can minimize water loss due to evaporation. This approach significantly reduces the need for frequent water replacement.

UV system

We also employ a UV system to minimize chlorine usage and maintain pool cleanliness. UV light effectively eliminates germs, ensuring the water remains safe and pristine for swimming. Consequently, we can significantly reduce the amount of chlorine required for germ eradication.

By using a UV system, we can reduce the amount of chlorine we need to use in the pool. This is good because it means we can have cleaner and safer water without needing as much chlorine. Using less chlorine is also better for the environment because we are using fewer chemicals.

A greener building

At The Edge, we have implemented a variety of on-site processes to enhance our sustainability efforts.These include energy-saving measures such as auto-detection lights that minimize electricity consumption. Additionally, we have incorporated automatic showers to effectively reduce water waste. To promote recycling, we have strategically placed recycling bins throughout the building, encouraging responsible waste management.

We are also actively implementing sustainable marketing strategies. One significant initiative involves the use of innovative and environmentally conscious pull-up banner frames. These frames provide the flexibility to update artwork without the need to order new stands, resulting in reduced waste generation. Previously, our outdated pull-up banners would have ended up being discarded, but this new approach eliminates that concern.

Sustainable pull-up banner

Aligning initiatives for a sustainable future

By implementing eco-friendly practices and initiatives, the gym contributes to the University’s overarching sustainability goals. From energy-efficient equipment to waste management strategies, the Edge prioritises environmentally conscious practices in line with the University’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and achieving a sustainable future.


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