Good luck to all our students taking their exams this month!

We know how stressful this time of year can be so to wish you good luck we have been handing out some free chocolate – sometimes you just have to treat yourself!

We had a brilliant day chatting to everyone on campus as well as congratulating some students who had just finished their first exam. If you want to take a break from some revision and give yourself a boost why not book in for a class, swim or gym at The Edge?

We also made a fun quiz (to get you into that exam mindset) which is about all things Edge related. How much do you know about The Edge? Questions below (answers at the bottom):

1) How old is The Edge?

A) 10 years       B) 12 years      C) 5 years      D) 18 years

2)How many litres of water are in our swimming pool?

A) 850,000L      B) 20,000L       C) 400,000       D) 1,000,000

3) Which one of the following has NOT been a class we have done at The Edge?

A) Disco Yoga       B) Kung Fu       C) Clubbercise       D) Fancy Dress Pilates

4) Which of these pro sports people/teams did NOT use The Edge?

A) Brownlee Brothers       B) Scotland’s Commonwealth team       C) Chinese Olympic Team       D) Canadian Olympic Team

5) How many gyms across the UK can you access with The Edge Premium annual membership?

A) 53       B) 62       C) 73       D) 82



1) B
2) A
3) D
4) B
5) C

How did you do?

0-1  Come down and find out more about us

2-3  You know your stuff

4+  You’re an Edge expert

Exan period stall with Ipads, chocolates and a marketing banner